is resistance at the height of the bar or the candle wick?

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  1. Anyone in particular or are you just repeating what others have said?

    Because my understand about market makers behavior relates almost exclusively to intraday price movements.
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  2. %% Ever read the book ;which was my post point?? Sounds like you have not??:cool:
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  3. Ever read ..................... what book?
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  4. I am confused how come you wouldn't use the wick considering price reached that level.
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  5. Wicks for the most part are exaggerations of price moves, traders who got caught betting on the move continuing. From today's ES globex session:
    ES wicks.png
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    If there is a wick it's a sign of rejection and very few trades take place there. Try to think of support and resistance as zones not exact lines!
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  7. But the value actually touched that point so it counts. If you change the length of the candles the body will change anyway. The top of a 5 minute candle might be the upper part of the body on a 2 minute candle.
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    You are correct but if it happens at a s/r zone or previous swing high or low it's still a sign of rejection. The higher the time frame the more important the wick as far as rejection
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  9. The way I use or ignore wicks on trend bars (the key) is valid and just as important on all time frames. Of course a signal on 5 minutes is not valid for 5 hours etc.
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  10. YM - this morning's globex session this time:
    Actually just noticed middle example is just trend bar, no wick to ignore. And I missed another example up near top of move.
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