Is Republican majority good for the stock market?

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  1. any group that claims they will lower my taxes is on my "like" list.


  2. Anybody can promise anything, but it's going to be difficult to lower taxes "permanently". Somebody has to pay for this deficit. Anybody here remembers what happened during Ray-gun government??? Supply-side economics anybody?
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    "Anybody here remembers what happened during Ray-gun government???"

    It was a good times in Russia.
  4. balda: hey genius, we are talking about fiscal policy... taxes, spending, federal budget... do you know what these are?
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    Republican's are good for America, and for society. Anyone who doesn't agree is a left wing Commie.
  6. Very interesting and thoughtful but we are talking about the stock market.
  7. the needed programs will be paid for by cutting the waste, not by raising taxes.

    reagan youth surf
  8. Very good point, but it's still superficial and reeks of hope rather than fact. The numbers don't match. We all know that the only way of reducing a deficit AND lowering taxes is reducing spending (the waste). The only problem is, I haven't heard anybody in Washington advocating an OVERALL reduction in spending which is what you're saying. Or maybe what's gonna happen is that deficit keeps growing, so the next government will have no other option but to raise taxes.
  9. and let me guess, that'll be a bunch of Democrats lol.
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