Is religion a sign of mental weakness?

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    There are tough questions about our origin and future that cannot be answered by any of us. Acknowledging that and admitting to not know those answers is the honest way. Making up or believing in fairy tales just to have some arbitrary answers is the fool's way.

    The weak minded have given in. It's always the same pattern. First make stuff up, then believe in it. Anything goes because religion is based on faith, not reason.
  2. It is impossible to live a life without faith in something. That is a religion in practice.

    Faith in God, faith in money, faith in is all the same faith invested in different directions.

    People will argue what to put their faith in, which is the better religion...but everyone has a religion...even the atheists.

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    In before this thread goes over 1000 replies!
  4. Have you considered that an anything-goes fool's-faith is the origin of a world filled with anything-goes fool's-faith? I'm not kidding. Have you considered that the genesis of time/mass/diversity is built on a die-hard-core faith in anything but Reality? Call it whatever you want, "religion", *fools gold*...I call it "sand". The antidote would be faith in "the Truth"...until the Truth/Reality is everything you know, and nothing you believe.

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    I'd take that as a strong affirmative.
  6. As opposed to the totally ignorant who have no clue, and think that somehow this is a better explanation... Atheist - one who "believes" that there is no god, even when they have absolutely no proof, yet somehow think they are superior in this blind unproven faith

    Yes, that is much more intellectual. Insult and deride others when oneself is just as blind...
  7. how is this for mental weakness. americans actually believe that there is some invisible guy in the sky that will provide for their future:

    •32 percent agreed with the statement: "There is no sense in planning a lot because ultimately my fate is in God's hands."

    Overall, participants with more education and higher income were less likely to report beliefs in divine intervention.
  8. So when you think of "divine intervention" you think of "some invisible guy in the sky"?

  9. Newton was a biblical scholar, most major scientific discoveries made throughout history were accomplished by those who you would describe as suffering from "mental weakness".

    The most weak mentally disregard faith ... religion is an abstraction.

    Secular people produce "settled" science like global warming and evolution (dirt==>all species)
  10. So if someone claims that vampires exist, does the burden of proof fall on the person making the claim or the ones asking for proof of vampire's existence? :confused:
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