Is RavenQuote Dead

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jem, Dec 2, 2001.

  1. jem


    Whats up with Ravenquote. I heard they had a buyer but I could not log on earlier. Can anyone log on?
  2. no login here.. looks like they unplugged the server.. hopefully they are just moving it to its new home.. seems like someone would want the darn thing..

  3. From rq discussion group:
    Dear Users:

    I am extremely sorry to announce that the RavenQuote server has been turned

    I regret this decision, all I can say that is was not my choice to turn off
    the server, and I have done everything in my power to keep it running, but
    unfortunately I am only a 50% partner and therefore I have no ultimate
    control over this sad event.

    I am continuing to negotiate with a buyer and will let you know if things
    work out.

  4. jem


    Hey since Ravenquote turned off their server it seems appropriate now to ask the following question. Is it illegal to ask people to explain how to bypass the login feature and use the software anyway.

    If I remember copyright law I believe the protection is only for people exploiting the property. Is there a time limit. Do I have a right to review the software to see if it works after bypassing the login procedure. If it is not a violation of the law I would like someone to explain to me how one might use software that is no longer being sold to the public. You are welcome to send the info to my elitetrader email.

    If they restore service I will be happy to pay for it as I have no problems with the fee.