Is still Down???

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Flashboy, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. Anyone else using

    it was working yesterday evening when I went home..

    But down again this morning..

    Can anyone else access it??

  2. Atlantic


    sometimes yes - sometimes no - have to refresh site very often till it gets the applet running.
  3. Is it just me or are they ridiculously incompetent???

    I believe I am changing services today...
  4. Atlantic


    well - as long as i've already been using it - there's a wide range of errors that may come up every now and then (site not found at all - no applet - no data - no charts - data delayed or at least lagging ...)

    but on the other side - it has been working VERY WELL the last few months - last friday was the only day i couldn't use it at all - but they were aware about the problem and fixed it (i didn't miss anything that day anyway).

    so the point for me is - it's very cheap and overall i'm happy with it.

    i don't know about the other software packages out there - but i'm sure they have their problems too sometimes - right?
  5. Yeah I'm sure they do..

    But this is the 3rd day in a row they have been down.. to me that is unheard of..

    Also, you can't get anyone on the phone which really bothers me.. all you can do is email your problem.. and the answer has been.. we are aware of the problem and apologize.. we are not sure when it will be resolved..

    anyway.. enough of my bitching.. hopefully they'll be up running soon.. but I'm not too confident
  6. Weird......havent had any of the problems that you speak of.
  7. m618


    Try the Qfeed Application Selector.

    A freeware program that allows you to specify which servers to connect to.

    Join the Qcharts Yahoo Group, and then go to the files section. You'll see the program files and documentation listed there.

    The message board also has some postings related to the program.

    -- M
  8. When you say "", you have to specify which product you're using - Livecharts or Qcharts?

    I'm not having a problem with the qcharts feed, but there could very well be some problem with livecharts (it's a lower end setup - java applet, smaller separate set of servers, etc.).
  9. Atlantic


    as i mentioned above - it takes some time - but finally the applet started (livecharts)- and is now running without any troubles (same yesterday).
  10. He could be talking about the actual website being down and not any specific charting program.

    However...I just log into and didn't have any problems.

    I also been logging into QCharts for several days now...didn't have any log in problems.

    Yet...I'm unable to log into LiveCharts at all nor in their free delayed version of LiveCharts via Netscape...

    However...I didn't have any log in problems for LiveCharts via Internet Explorer browser...

    nor any connection delays.

    #10     Oct 14, 2003