Is puretick the same as pristine? anyone knows the connection

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by beachhouse, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. 377OHMS


    Dunno about pristine but I sure miss the photo of that asian hooker in Puretick's banner ad. :D

    Guess he pulled his ads. Too bad.
  2. Didn't see the asian hooker. but saw a video of Alex.

    Hey, alex, Why did you have a cheap plastic helicopter behind you when you were talking about trading? Is the helicopter related to trading in any way?
  3. tempted


    Pristine was founded by Greg Capra in 1994 and is unrelated to Alex Wasilewski and his co-founder Geoff Lay of Puretick. :)
  4. But you still haven't answered the question about the helicopter, alex, eh, I mean "tempted"?

    but thanks for creating a new ID just to answer my question. :)
  5. these threads on ET are so funny. I just read another thread where some guy was posting a ton of nonsense and saying he is buying crudeoil calls and calling it a hedging strategy by itself. And then this one..

    Or maybe its all left of my sense of humor.. nice one though. :) i

  6. tempted


    Geez, the pic I saw with Alex had a plane. Didn't get to see the helicopter, or the ads with the girls - must both be gone....

    You assume alot - I don't know Alex. (and I am a woman, so I am definitely NOT Alex.)

    But, I have looked at both Pristine & Puretick, and I will say that they each have their own methods and that each trade them consistently and relentlessly with flawless discipline, and folks, THAT is the key.