is puretick for real? (my odd puretick trial "experience...")

Discussion in 'Trading' started by skippy, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. skippy


    Ok, I may be jumping the gun a bit -- partly because I've never signed up for an internet trading room before even while I HAVE been scammed on the internet twice (shame on me). Anyway, here's my story; I signed up for the Puretick trial, paid them my ten bucks. They sent a couple of emails, one telling me that they'd sent my login information, but that Yahoo probably dumped it in my bulk folder (which led me to wonder why they didn't simply include my login info in the email telling me that they'd sent me my login info). But said login info wasn't in my bulk folder, and no email containing said login was to be found, anywhere. Since then, i've sent them a half dozen emails, I've called, I've left voicemail asking for said login info and...

    Nothing. Nada. Not a peep.

    They have kept my ten dollars, though.

    Ugh, don't tell me I fell for it a THIRD TIME. Anyone else have any insight here? Is Puretick another internet scam?
  2. No they are for real
  3. notouch


    They're spammers but not scammers, although they seem reluctant to admit they ever make any mistakes (which clearly they frequently do) and are happy to post the private emails of their customers on this forum so you might just want to write the $10 off. Their service is crap anyway...
  4. skippy


    How do you know?
  5. they are not SPAMMERS

    they *pay* this website for the privilege of advertising their service

    so, by no definition are they "spammers"
  6. Jaxon


    For $10 I will run a full background check on them. :D

  7. They spam when they promote their services on threads. You see them doing that more than other paid advertisers.
  8. skippy


    ok, if they are for real, how 'bout this? Someone send me a password to their site. If it works, I'll pay you $10 for it! PM me if interested!!!:D
  9. JA_LDP


    Seems like you did the right thing by starting a thread. By giving them negative press, they will fix the issue then request for this thread to be removed.
  10. i wonder what % of elite trader's revenue comes from sponsors and how much comes from targeted advertising. google is doing alright without sponsors :D
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