Is "power-trend" just another BS program like "Trend Trading to Win," et al?

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  1. Their website is It looks like it's just an EMA crossover system (when the red line is above the blue line, buy), etc. Apparently you can double your money every two years :D

    I searched but didn't find any threads on this. Is anyone familiar with this? Is it just repackaged MACD or something similiar?
  2. It is just common sense. Why would anyone sell a system that can double your money every year. Instead of wasting money on marketing you simply trade it with as much money as you can muster and build those millions.

    Do not get suckered into marketing ploys and pretty little line crossovers. I bet if you knew what the system really was, you could re-create it on

    I would say pass and I have not even asked the price...
  3. I was trying to recreate it on :) Based on their few screen shots, I'm almost positive it's just two MAs. Maybe there's some volume factored in. Maybe.
  4. I agree 100% with you optioncoach....... No one in their right mind would sell a system that good when they could just produce the results themselves....................

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    Sounds like baloney with a catchy name= power-trend.

    Also why would you ONLY want to , as ad says, make ''300k in spare time'';
    think jethro of beverly hillbillies fame was worth more than ''300k'' in his spare time ,
    as a part time brain surgeon:cool:

    Dont speculate part time-Benard Baruch:cool:
  6. Ebo


    Sounds like another "Waxie" to me!
    I learned one thing from Waxie, "Plan The Trade & Trade The Plan". I think he stole that from another Snake Oil Tape anyway!

    If he knew how to trade, yada.... yada more yada.
  7. Wow, only a few hours a week I would make a quarter million per year..

    WTF have I been doing all along?

    All I need is to pay them $79 for the secret and I'm on my way :D
  8. LOL............yep, a small pittance to pay to get rich in your spare time...hehhhe..... What i wonder is , how many people are going to purchase this product with the belief that they really are going to get rich part- time. And you can do this if you live in a one bedroom apartment and you can even trade

    Sadly, the only one making out is the seller of this program............

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    Quick Turtle;
    Funny how trading can be profitable slow.
    Trends are friends;
    dont know nuch about Power-trend.

    Trading emini could be started with $2k at Interactice Brokers;
    usually takes years to learn, could take 10 years,
    usually more money than 2 k to learn.

    Glas i learned on unleveraged[cash stock]. Wisdom is profitable to direct.:cool: