Is "Pheonix Trader" Jack Hershey?

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  1. After daily postings for years, Jack Hershey stopped posting around 1/30. He made one post after that at about the same time Phoenix Trader registered. Besides that, Jack only made two posts in one thread on 4/15.

    Furthermore, despite being on the board for hardly a couple of weeks, Phoenix Trader talks and pisses off other people like a typical old ETer and generally makes his way around the board like the other regulars. It took me awhile to become acquainted with the regulars around here, not a couple of weeks -- and still I'm not familiar with allot of the journal 'clubs'.

    I'm not accusing Jack or anyone, only putting this evidence out there for others to think about (and possibly for PT to say something, since he has lambasted lots of respected members around here).

    I'm new to the board, so I apologize in advance for these kinds of threads this early in my et membership. I thought this might be important for some though, especially those booted down by PT.


    Link to PT's profile:

    Link to JH's profile:

    and before PT deletes it, his profile says "yeah I've crashed and burned a few times " :D
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    rest easy, they are not.
  3. Okay

  4. Actually I'm curious to know which respected members I've lambasted since I primarily limit myself to P&R.
    Do you mean there or elsewhere?

    oh btw: Being thought of as JH is just plain MEAN. I gotta go take a valium now. :eek:
  5. Well I'm not proud of it, but it's true :hence my User Name.
  6. Look around in Politics and Religion for PT.

    Jack likes to stick around to Forum titles under Main, Trade for living, Technical,
    I haven't noticed JH posting in P&R topic but I could be wrong.

    Jack never pisses off anyone. More the equivalent of the WWE of ET.
    As he runs up to the ring and jumps the ropes he gets his cheers and loud lingering boos...
    He entertains some, raises an eyebrow to some, enlightens some, and has plenty of those who challenge him, but overall I have a feeling people enjoy having him around no matter what he posts.

    edit: I see PT answered ^
  7. No. Although tenthousandmen is NoDoji. Not hard to figure out.
  8. LOL.........
  9. Phoenix is not Jack.
  10. Shall we put the evidence here or in a new thread :D
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