Is Peak Oil a Fallacy?

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Is Peak Oil a fallacy?

  1. Yes. Plain and simple

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  2. No.

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  3. Yes for many middle-eastern deposits but not the whole world.

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  4. Get real, it’s all about manipulating the market and making more money.

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  5. Just Big Lazy Money; effing the little guy. There are 500+ years of untapped Peak Oil resources let

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  6. All ... or 3+ out of 5 above.

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  7. There is not enough information to say.

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  8. Hell-if-I-know

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  1. Which one are you?

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  2. achilles28


    Didn't you know? The first guy who posts pictures, loses.

    You're extremely naive, Mithos. Guess you voted Obama?


    Keep your chin up :p
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  3. achilles28 using a cutting edge seismic imaging tool to find the abundant yet apparently elusive abiotic oil fields:

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  4. Children ! ... Please !?!

    Debate isn't sharing and learning.
    Demanding isn't condusive.

    We can differ here without escalating ...
    because no one knows it all on this topic.

    No matter what our opinions we are subject to the movement of the market established by those with more money, power and control over the information.

    So please don't debase this thread into mean spirited childish ranting.

    Rise above the emotional draw to and observe and ad value.

    Please act like investors and traders with level heads.
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  5. The discussion goes back to Thomas Gold, a renowned astronomer.

    Thomas Gold: The Deep Hot Biosphere, published 1998

    Gold's theory of oil formation, is that hydrogen and carbon, under high temperatures and pressures found in the mantle during the formation of the Earth, form hydrocarbon molecules which have gradually leaked up to the surface through cracks in rocks. Chapter III of the book deals with the Deep-Earth Gas Theory.

    However, his ideas have not been proved. In contrary the concentration of carbon isotopes strongly suggests a biotic origin of oil. Thomas Goldberg's predictions for abiotic hydrocarbures in Swedish granite proved false.

    For a more detailed discussion on the issue, have a look at the paper by Richard Heinberg, which I attach.
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  6. Interesting article and viewpoint. Thanks!
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  7. pspr


    Good article. It answers a lot of questions about abiotic oil possibilities. It is a little dated though. Drilling now can go quite a bit deeper but not close to 100 miles.
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  8. I thought so ... as I recall 35-50 miles is attainable ... yes?
    (Just very very expensive to do so for the drill etc.)
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  9. I thought the exchange between me and achilles28 was actually kind of witty... and achilles28 held his own.

    Anyway.... most successful people I know frequently go off the deep end.

    No worries.
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  10. Yeah ... it turned out ok ... no worries.
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