Is PCLN another ENE?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by nitro, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. nitro


    That thing is at an all time high at ~255. I know tons of people that use AMZN. I know tons of people that use other online stores. I swear to you I don't know a single person that uses PCLN.

  2. NoDoji


    Growth story. PCLN 2008 earnings (5.99) were about half what they're projected to be this year (11.11), and even more growth in 2011 (13.23). So the 25 P/E males sense.

    Seems to me AMZN's P/E of 66 is somehow a bit rich for the EPS, no?
  3. I'm not a big fan of PCLN, but bear in mind its market cap is only 1/5 that of AMZN ($12b vs $60b).
  4. GG1972



    I ve tried using it but always backout at the last moment- the stock itself never shows any direction in the day and I swear after I saw your post I had to check the PE on this and wow it's only 24- not bad but I honestly feel it's the next NTRI or CROX when it goes down there ll be no time to short it
  5. Ummm, if you're certain it's headed down, what stops you from shorting it now?
  6. mac


    Yeah, this stock amazes me also...of all in this economy??? maybe their cookin the books? might as well go with the trend.
  7. PCLN keeps going up because we keep shorting it =) I stopped out yesterday on my first try at it. I'll be back if signs of a blow-off appear or trend turns down.
  8. GG1972


    ummm something called price and timing
  9. He certain it's overpriced, but complains he won't make money shorting it later because it will go down really fast... I guess I'm missing something.