Is Paul Ryan gay?

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Is Paul Ryan gay?

  1. Almost certainly

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  2. Hmm. Might be. Probably is.

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  3. Could be, but probably not.

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  4. No way.

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  1. Single guy in his 40's, having his workouts (in which he's wearing a tank top?!) with the P90X guy RECORDED??

    I've worked out for over 28 years, sometimes with pro bodybuilders, pro wrestlers, and other celebrities. NEVER had an inkling to have the workouts recorded and posted. NEVER have had a picture of me working out in the gym. NEVER wanted it. . Keep my shirt on even when mowing the lawn. In July. In coastal North Carolina.

    Just don't want to share that kind of information with others.

    One has to wonder if the Wisconsin congressman has always wanted to be a wide receiver for the, ahem, PACKERS, even though he has never been all that interested in playing football.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that?
  2. jem


    one detail you got wrong...

    he is married with children.
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    The only gay person on either ticket is Obama.
  4. He wouldn't be the first gay or bi man to marry a woman and have children, nor the first Republican congressman to do so either.
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    Yeah WTF right? LOL. There is only like 5 million pictures of him and his wife and children out there. Hell, they all come running on stage after he gives a speech. Strange thread.
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    I think this is really Joe Biden's ET handle.
  8. I would like to change my original post from "single" to "married".

    I didn't know the guy was married. Not everyone does. Not everyone watches news on TV or even is a member of a major political party. Could have fooled me. And did.

    OK, so...

    Instead of a single guy who acts effeminate we have a married guy who acts effeminate. Either way, I am not offended.

    Not all effeminate guys are gay, either.

    That said, no straight guy I would know would be caught dead in a tank top doing glorified calisthenics with some other dude in a tank top, and HAVE IT RECORDED for the rest of us to see. ESPECIALLY if that guy was running for the second highest office in the nation.

    It just doesn't look good...

    ESPECIALLY if that dude is some male fitness celebrity, like the P90X guy, or that black dude whose exercise infomercials run on CNBC all weekend.

    I'd say it's even money that Congressman Ryan is a member of the pipe-fitters union. And if he plays ball, he's probably the catcher.

    One final rhetorical question:

    Would Ronald Reagan have been caught dead doing jumping jacks (and being photographed) with Richard Simmons?

    I rest my case.
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    Max E.

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    Wow, a university professor and a homo-phobe? Do your students know or can you hide it pretty well. I wonder how they would react if they found out.
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