Is pattern-recognition ability decreased with age?

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  1. I found two interesting points:

    first, last time I did an IQ test, and found most questions are just pattern recognition. So if IQ is mostly related to pattern recognition, ivy league student, who are supposed to have higher IQ, should have higher chance to be successful in trading. I have no idea if that is true.

    second, my daughter turned into 3 years a few days ago. when she was 2 years and 10 months, I bought her a few 100 and 150 pieces puzzles,

    the circular 150 puzzle from amazon:

    and the 100-piece rectangular puzzle:

    the 150-piece circular puzzle is extremely hard for me, I spent many hours and could not finish it. my daughter can do it in a few hours. for the 100-piece rectangular puzzle, she can finish in 40 min. My wife and I combined can not match the 2 years daughter on solving the puzzle.

    this reminds me to my last visit to a friend house. his son, is 9 years ago, was doing an IQ test. he also showed a sharp eye in identifying patterns.

    so the question is that pattern recognition ability is decreased with age? or is it better to train a kid to do manual trading?
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    Traders wear out with time,have gotta be in shape all the time.
  3. short answer...yes.....eventually you expire and then you have no pattern recognition ability at all.....there you go......
  4. I would say no to your question. The last time I took an IQ test was in 1970 to get into MENSA(made it!). I doubt that I could pass that test today, but I have no trouble interpreting price movement at my old age. I imagine that experience rather than IQ accounts for that. However, you will find , I'm sure, that the biggest problem you will have in the declining years is a very noticable decline in your concentration span. After too many hours of looking at charts your ability to analyze is shot, when the young guys would still be going strong.
    But it has been a casual observation over the years while helping people learn TA that there does seem to be a relationship between a person's ability to do, and the like of, puzzles and board games and how fast and well he picks up and comprehends TA.
  5. What a crock of shit! I can spot a con better than ever at my age. What else is the market?
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    As my uncle, who was still skiing the diamond slopes at 80 yrs old, said: "everybody ages differently"

    that goes for trading too
  7. I almost fell asleep during the Mensa test, lol, passed it with no difficulty. So my IQ hasn't deteriorated since I was 12, when I took my last test. At 41 I'm still getting better in pattern recognition.
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    Aboriginals have a different mindset/brainset. You can array 50 items, let them look at it, take it all apart and they can put it back the way it was. People that have been through Western education cannot do that, their brain has been trained to do other things.
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  10. As often as I want, and at my age that's becoming the limiting factor.
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