Is Osama Alive In U.S. Custody?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, May 4, 2011.

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    As many inconsistencies as the White House has put out on the Osama raid I'm thinking they may be trying to cover up something else.

    Experts everywhere are expressing regret over the killing of Bin Laden and losing a possible treasure trove of intelligence from him.

    Might the commandos really have not killed Osama but ushered everyone out of the room, given him a knockout shot, put him in a body bag, fired two shots in the room and spread some human blood and tissue to make it look like he was killed? Pakistan isn't going to do any testing to see if the blood and tissue belong to Osama.

    The U.S. could then keep him in secret custody for questioning and just hold a mock burial at sea with a cadaver.

    If they eventually release photos of a dead Osama those could always have been photoshopped by the CIA.

    Its all nice and neat.
  2. If other al-qaida members start dropping like flies, then....maybe.
  3. Osama was once financed by CIA. So maybe he is getting some more money from them as part of this drama :D
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    LOL. Maybe the commandos just flew in to offer him a new job with the CIA as a senior intelligence officer.