Is Oil at the top of Mount PricevsTime?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by riskfreetrading, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Is Oil at the top of Mount PricevsTime? Write what you think, while not forgetting that Cramer and Goldmen are bagholders.
  2. lol @ you calling goldman bagholders
  3. Did Goldman publish what their position in crude actually is? How do you know if they are long or short since they dont disclose that info?
  4. I just checked oil. $2 down from the time we started this thread (it was at 118.80 area from memory).

    What do we call those who bought yesterday at the top?
  5. How do you know who bot yesterday? You still have not answered how you believe you know what Goldman's positions are?
  6. It is now $3.50 from the top of just less than 24 hours ago, when some people thought I was stupid in putting this post.

    Markets never lie or play games, etc, but some people do. Argue with the tape. You will never win. All of the expressions ("I think ...", "I believe ....", "It seems to me...", "I feel ...", "Goldmen are always right ...", "Goldmen are the experts...", and all that bullshit) that bagholders throw around and possibly believe in do not work with the market. That is the reason why I love the market. It humuliate the person who says bullshit, as for the other men who take the other side there is no need for me to comment. You will probably go short at the bottom, and the cycle continues till you have no money to play.
  7. oil will go higher

    it always does
  8. If goes higher after correcting, one thing is very likely: it will be without you, because it would do so after it empties the pockets of people like you. It has been down $3.5 (3% since the start of this thread just 24 hours ago). Check the tape if you did not check it yet.
  9. LOL if you go broke on a 3% decline you're a tad overleveraged :p

  10. Who cried BS ? You started the thread asking if that was the top. You didnt call a top you asked if others thought it was the top. You didnt post any trade you asked if others thought it was the top.

    You also indicated that Goldman was long there. What proof do you have of that? Goldman's track record over the decades its pretty well known.

    Who do you believe you have humiliated by asking the question of whether that was a short term top yesterday?
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