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  1. if this is the best the bears can do off that number, my deepest condolences to the shorts.
  2. market was positioned for 2% rally today
    so looks like market tries to revenge late of day
    Nasdaq want to close green

    although, really give it some time, QE just ended
    earnings are looming
    everybody hopes for QE3 at Jackson Hole

    it will take till september before you see real bear
    we might even get to new highs before that
  3. uh, notice we rallied hard off my call.

    another winner.

    and I posted much earlier that the selloff was feeble.

    another winner

    and all I get are bashers. lol.
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    I was thinking the same thing, I could just imagine how high this market would have been today if the job number came in a +50k to 100k+ I am thinking minimum of 1370 on the SPX!

    Markets would have soared at least 2% if this news was positive, seems this market will not go down. Notice how these markets erased nearly half their losses into the close. By Monday morning you can guarantee that any losses from today will be erased within the first few minutes of trading, what I am trying to say is buy this market today and sell for an easy 1% + gain on Monday, no questions asked.
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    This market would be bright green if there was another hour left in trading!
  6. centrally planned markets at their finest with the news chasing the market wherever it "goes".
  7. cant remember the last time I got an intraday call wrong.

    Goog calls were 75 cents late day. You could have sold at $2+ within 20 min.

    Puts were last seen being used as a Charmin substitute.
  8. wait, some asshole will say it wasn't as call.
  9. Can't remember the last time you actually made a trade :D

    Just kidding pal, I have no idea if you trade or not.

  10. was I right? I cant see the banned poster
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