Is Obama’s India travel a vacation and useless?

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Is Obama’s India travel a vacation and useless?

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  1. Moderators this thread belongs to economics because Obama has been spending $5 million to $200 million per day for his India travel. Please allow this thread to continue here.

    Here is some information.

    Obama was in India for 72 hours or 3 days and he spent 7 to 8 hours with Indian leaders. What was Obama doing in India for remaining 64 hours?

    In India Obama was talking about Mahatma Gandhi all the time. Somebody should tell Obama that Gandhi was shot dead for some reason (which I do not know). Gandhi was terribly wrong. Leaders are not shot dead without any reason. They must have done something wrong.

    Ordinary Indian people and leaders were forcing Obama (USA) to declare Pakistan a terrorist state. I am saying that the 19 Hijackers on 09/11/2001 were from Saudi Arabia (if I am correct). So USA should declare Saudi Arabia as a terrorist state.

    USA signed $10 billion business deals with India. I think $10 billion is invisible when USA debts have reached $60 Trillion to $200 Trillion.

    India desperately wants permanent seat on the UN Security Council. I fail to understand what is so important about UN membership. Give it to India. Also I was surprised to know that India is not a member of UN Security Council till now.

    So, basically Obama’s India travel was a vacation and useless.

    Let us wait for other countries news and G20.
  2. Someone postulated that the Dems wanted him "out of sight" before he said something else that was non-presidential... like "gotta go scoop the dog poop"..

    Besides, his daughters had never seen the Taj Mahal before. That alone should be worth $200 millio/day to US taxpayers.
  3. Probably the most asinine thing I have ever read on this site and that's really saying something. Seriously, are you really this dumb?

    Dump this crap in chit chat.
  4. A couple of months back, PolitiFact found that Obama has kept around 91 of his promises out of 500! This should not be surprising, as breaking promises has been a trend associated with all the American presidents.

    Take for instance Woodrow Wilson who promised to keep the US out of World War I and ended up pushing the US into the same war. Then came Herbert Hoover in 1928, who pledged to end poverty but eventually gifted the US 'The Great Depression'.

    On similar lines, Franklin D Roosevelt graciously failed to fulfil his 1932 pledge to keep the US out of World War II when he bombed Japan. Richard Nixon promised resolutely in 1968 to 'quickly' resolve the Vietnam War, but he didn't!

    The approval rating of Obama in India has dropped from 31 per cent in 2008 to 18 per cent in 2010, thanks to his policies

    Let me now come to Obama's much-hyped visit to India. If numbers speak volumes, then Obama's recent approval ratings in India are not encouraging. As per the latest Gallup Poll, they have dropped from 31 per cent in 2008 to 18 per cent in 2010, thanks to the policies he has come up with recently.

    He made his stand clear on India's outsourcing business and announced that tax breaks will go to companies that create jobs in the US and not overseas. On October 22, 2010 he announced a whopping $2.29 billion in military aid to Pakistan to bolster its army's anti-terror capabilities, thus ignoring India's concerns about how Pakistan diverts such assistance for anti-India plans.

    If Obama's Pakistan inclination is not good enough, then let's talk about China. China has become the US' fastest-growing major overseas market with a total trade volume of $366 billion. In order to appease Beijing, Obama has transformed his Strategic Economic Dialogue into the Strategic and Economic Dialogue, thus silently taking off human rights issues from the bilateral agenda ” which may have soured the budding affair. This is evident from the last Asia visit of Obama, where he appointed China as the official 'monitor' of Asia and asked the country to look into the Kashmir issue.

    Going by the precedence, India has no reasons to feel optimistic about Obama's visit. Our policy makers shouldn't formulate policies to appease Obama just out of excitement. Already, organizations like WalMart have started to lobby for a 100 per cent FDI in the Indian retail sector. And I am sure the likes of WalMart would try to push through their agendas during this visit of Obama. It is significant that the Indian policy makers see through this and take correct decisions.
  5. rather good people get shot
  6. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    search his other posts and you'll take back the statement about this having been the most asinine thing you ever read on this site.
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    Everything obama does and or has done is useless, what a silly pole!!!!!!!!
  8. I agree, good and bad leaders/people, both get shot for some reason.
  9. From Obama's recent 60 Mins interview:

    “…when you're campaigning, I think you're liberated to say things without thinking about, "Okay, how am I gonna actually practically implement this."
  10. I post in forums so that someone can correct me if I am wrong. I am just having healthy discussions. I am always open for corrections.
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