Is Obama in the Middle East to get the arabs to invest in this broken economy?

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  1. and specially to continue supporting the USD?
  2. it would help to:

    1) restate your thread title in your opening comment, so that the two remain consistent

    2) should we call your phone number / handle or text it with our replies? ok, that was a jokie joke on your handle,

    but seriously,

    this is a political question, not an economic question, and should get the proper response in the political section,

    the commentators on CNN and CNN Headline News challenged the exact same question, both here, in Britain and in Egypt on the commentaries from the speech this morning,

    it was interesting to see the various responses there,


    you actually may be on to something here, I will watch this thread as it develops,
  3. if that truly is the case, then Obama's trip is economically motivated rather than politicly

    given the current US economic conditions, and russia & china's call for a basket of currencies to replace the USD as the reserve currency, the Arabs move to support that idea would result in an accelerated devaluation of the USD

    it makes sense that this is more an economics related question than a political one

  4. we many times see things (news events) through our preconceived notiions and spheres of influence ourselves.

    my comments were completely neutral, yet your conclusion was support of your thesis

    actually, my comment was not in support of your thesis, as the news commentators (their views, not mines) were not impressed with some economic perspective as the motive, but a political perspective, as he outlined, namely defusing their ticking time bombs in their outward attacks and defusing their populace ticking time bombs within their borders.

    there were overtures for economic relationships down the road, but the most immediate focus was on their own citizenry and proper rule of law within their borders and by extention control over their radical elements that attach those outside their borders

    from what I recall these were the combined comments by the news bureaus that were on television this morning,

    so how all you can derive from that speech being summed up in this thread thesis baffles the mind... really

    perhaps others will want to engage you in a political discussion,

    I have to return to trading and other trades related issues, not political issues, which really don't lead to very many substantive conclusions other than support for one's own preconceived perspectives....
  5. I just think this topic deserves to be looked at from an economic perspective

    see I was reading this on bloomberg

    and I'm like; wtf, bs, you don't go half way round the world, just to spout this shit, why make a f*king big deal out of it, there must be an incentive behind it, what is america getting out of this?