Is Obama Dealing Drugs Again?

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    Only drug dealers walk around with wads of cash like this.

    Wherever Barack Obama goes, he is accompanied by a huge entourage of aides, Secret Service and campaign staff.

    But when the President goes shopping, he still has to handle his own cash, as he showed on Saturday when he bought sausages from a Wisconsin store following a campaign stop in key swing state.

    Mr Obama pulled out a wad of bills that looked almost large enough to make a dent in the national debt as he browsed for pork treats alongside Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett.

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  2. Also for paying gay prostitutes, or maybe, giving change to one.
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    Do we know for a fact he ever stopped?
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    I remember some hollywood movie types were wanting some drugs at one of the White House parties put on by the partier-in-chief. Must be where O' gets his wad of cash.
  5. Phoenix. . . . your turn.
  6. I think its a black thing. Something about have a wad of cash makes black men feel like "ballers" or "pimps". (apparently they see that as a good thing)

    I usually keep no more than $20 in cash on me (just in case I want to buy a lottery ticket or a credit/debit card machine is broken somewhere.) I have no idea why anyone would carry hundreds of dollars on them in this day and age. People who use cash today, remind me of the people that used to pay for items in grocery stores with checks. Its 2012 people. Get with the times. Why would you pay cash for anything when credit cards give you rewards for using their cards, plus you get a detailed accounting of everything you spend every month.
  7. Remember everything is planned. Someone planned for that wad of money to be in his wallet.
  8. Financial illiteracy is rife in the negro community.

    They never really got the hang of checking accounts , about the only thing they are up to date on is ebt cards.
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    Well, they just never realized you had to actually put money in the account before you start writing the checks. Now they can't get one.
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