Is Obama corrupted or just plain stupid ?

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  1. Obama's boys in Congress poured billions into failed financial institutions without any fiscal responsibility conditions .
    CEO's of those failed institutions took the money and just gave yourself and anyone with the pulse the same bonuses as in the 2003 heydays.
    When this became public, H.Obama calls it shameful.

    I am not sure what to think about it
    1/ Is he already securing bribes ( speaking fees ) from the Wall Street firms ?
    2/ Did he really expected that they use it wisely ?

    So question is: Is Obama corrupted or stupid ?
  2. Actually, the REAL answer is that you are incredibly STUPID.

    Who do you think appointed Ben Bernanke and Hank Paulson?

    Who's proposal was it to give "Wall Street" $700 BILLION in taxpayer money, including $150 billion to AIG who is now giving $450 million in bonus compensation to employees who were buying/selling CDS securities that created this mess in the first place because the Treasury Secretary lied to Congress and chose NOT to conduct a "Dutch" auction to get those toxic securities up from under the desk and trading again?

    While you're at it, perhaps you can also tell us who created the legislation that allowed for CDS to trade without ANY SEC regulation or oversight?

    And the REAL question is:

    Does ET pay you per post to create web "activity"
    or are you actually as DUMB AS YOU APPEAR???

  3. Obama is President of the United States.
    And you're an anonymous coward fucking retarded forum poster.
  4. Two of the biggest hogs were democrat saint Robert Rubin, who was paid something like $160 mill by Citi and presided over the destruction of a once great bank, and democrat hack Franklin Raines, who ripped off FNM to the tune of $60 mill as it sank under a sea of bad bets and indefensible accounting.

    I'll be impressed if he calls them out and demands they return their ill-gotten gains, but I'm not expecting much from the same guy who appointed a tax cheat as Treasury Sec.
  5. Just watch Obama talk without a telepromter.

    If someone asked me about physics I would sound exactly the same.

    Anyone with half a mind can tell he is the biggest bullshitter on the planet.

    He's an "expert on everything" and the only thing he truly has knowledge about is affirmative action, civil rights and changing the constitution.
  6. Have you considered that you sound exactly the same?

  7. Apparently once you start reading the next sentence you forget the last sentence you just read...

    Makes sense considering all you do on this forum is give one sentence pieces of bullshit.

    Dr. Z do you believe Obama has a deep understanding of the economy?

    Do you believe he has a deep understanding of foreign policy?

    Do you believe he has a deep understand about anything? If you do than list the things you think he has a deep understanding about.

    Simple questions...
  8. Yes I do.

  9. I was thinking for a while there we had a chance. But if he can't control Pelosi and Reid we are doomed.

    He says the right thing, and then delivers endorses more pork than Smithfield Farms can produce. Won't matter much longer. If you watch the headlines from Paris, UK, Iceland.....the riots are starting. I'm still waiting for them to come clean on Madoff, and talk about the real number, and the pensions he wiped out. If it's the number I'm hearing, get ammo and lock bolts.

    I have no problem with the Populist stuff. The Republicans and Wall St. deserve what they get. But O'Bama has a small window. The best thing he could do, given his tremendous support for him, is pull himself away from all politicians, design an economic agenda he knows is centrist, and pull politicos from both sides that are willing to side with him. THEN, he'll get the support of the people. But if he throws himself in with the Dems, in two years, he'll lose his Congressional support, and in four he'll be Jimmy Carter. Not saying its his fault, but he asked for the job. And it's a tough one, if not impossible.

    I understand he is really, I mean really, going to clean house at the SEC. That's my gig, and if he does that, he'll garner a lot of support. It really is going to happen. If he can do that, he should be able to handle the other stuff.
  10. Where in the history of Obama's career has he proven that he has a deep understanding about the economy and foreign policy?
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