Is Obama About to Become Jimmy Carter Or Will The Media Rescue Him?

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  1. Since I apparently watched a different debate from everyone else, let's go at it from a different angle. Obama's biggest weakness has been his <50% approval rating, a traditional trouble sign for incumbents. Now he has the unprecedented experience for him of the media basically saying he sucked and was outclassed by a

    Obama now faces the very real threat of losing legitimacy with the voters, of being viewed as a loser. This is the flipside of the dynamic he had working for him four years ago. I am struck by how many on the left are reacting to his performance. They seem to feel personally betrayed. How could the most brilliant man ever to graduate from the Harvard Law School get taken down by some vulgar private equity thug?

    Obama is on very thin ice now. Like a trader who took a bad beat, he absolutely must control his risk now. He can't afford another Embassy trashing or being attacked by a killer rabbit while canoing( old timers will remember the incident that ruined Carter).

    Of course, a win can erase all this unpleasantness. Like say, the Iranians announced they were stopping their nuke program. The media would carry Obama on their shoulders down Pennsylvania Avenue, and the election would be over.

    Interesting times.
  2. pspr


    If Romney politely goes for the jugular - Jimmy Carter in spades.
  3. The media is already going at it in typical leftist fashion. They're pretty much all blaming the moderator. No surprise there, it's always some else's fault.
    Once they get past the shock of it all I fully expect them to go straight for the gutter and stay there. We ain't seen nothing yet.
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    Fox gives it to Romney. The rest of the media which is ALL leftist, is is FULL damage control after Romney ko'd ocommunist.

    Romney keeps this up, and well repeat the 1980 election, and this communist president can pack his shit, and go back to crookinois.
  5. As bad as it sounds if Stevens would have been a hostage, rather than killed this adminstratioon would be in a heap of trouble.
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    I pretty much agree on the gutter, but it would be sweeeeet if they turned on themselves. If it wasn't for the fucked up state of the mainstream media, we would actually see who we are voting for without having to pick through endless and often biased internet feeds.
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    As I mentioned on the other thread... Romney basically did what every CEO, sales presenter , speaker or competent trial attorney would have done. Leftist polices have destroyed the standard of living of the middle class in every country and they are doing the same thing here. Romney illustrated the results of these failed leftist policies. As we demanded.

    It is possible the Independents have been swung.
    What Romney did well was also connect with the women swing voters at the end of the speech... he got it done with a 87 percent democrat legislatures in Mass.

    Apparently most of the independents had no idea because they had been carpet bombed with lying commericials.

    romney may be solidly in the lead with Independents. in which case he is very solidly in the lead.

  8. Romney won the debate, I've said that several times. Is it enough to matter? Doubtful, but we'll have to see.
  9. The country is so polarized, I doubt that anything will make a difference at this point.