Is Obama a US Citizen

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    When did I ever say I was judging him on his religion?
    I am talking of his qualifications(or lack of).
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    Do they say the same to men who have small children?
    Do they question their ability as a father? NO! Lets be fair here.
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  3. Then Palin is excellent, as she's never held a passport before.

    Another word for that might be incurious.

    "McCain has not voted in the Senate since April 8 and has missed 367 votes (61.4 percent) during the current Congress."

    I would say that's worse. Not even a little worse, a lot worse. In fact, he's missed more votes than even Tim Johnson who is recovering from a brain hemorrhage.

    Well yes, you didn't think the war would pay for itself, did you?

    Actually Obama wants to supply additional resources to the Small Business Administration. McCain, not so much.

    She didn't.

    My understanding is that that quote was after Obama had already gone to DC. Mixing timeframes seems to be a Republican specialty.

    He did sit on a board with him, and went to a fundraising party once which they both attended.

    So guilt by association is enough, if a kid moved around a lot. Are you aware that McCain moved around a lot as a child as well? In fact, he was born in Panama. As for guilt-by-association (since that's how to judge a leader, I suppose?) McCain married a drug addict. God forbid you judge candidates on their proposed policies.

    McCain attended at least 20 different schools while growing up.
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  4. I will agree with you that taxing the wealthy more (already 85% of this country's tax revenue comes from the top 5% earners) plan is hideous. Redistribution of wealth in any form makes me sick. However, I don't see a way around this. We've shot ourselves in the foot, financially speaking, by fighting a very costly war. We either pay off that debt or we face serious inflation. That cost coupled with our lack of infrastructure and low quality education amounts to you and I needing to pony up. Also, I don't mind paying more taxes if it goes to alternative energy research and some kid getting a grant to go to college. I don't want to pay taxes to fight a war over some oil field that may or may not provide long term economic strength. McCain want to keep pursuing this ridiculous spend and fight path. we can't have it both ways, it has been proven not to work over the last eight years...

    I think his "unstable" childhood exposed him to numerous experiences and a variety of people and beliefs. Obama seems to me like the type that can get along and relate with just about anyone. He's not going to start wars based on "God's word", whatever the F__K that means, and he's not going to play games with Iran. The man is not some closet basket-case as you imply by demeaning his life experience.

    If you want to talk anti-American, what about this Alaskan seperatist movement or secession talk Palin has been involved with? What about McCain's non-existent plan for funding education and infrastructure? I see nothing from the McCain camp that indicates a real interest in improving this country -- what I hear is "I will fight for you" from McCain... what the hell does that mean?

    Anyhow, you're talking to a former republican here.

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    I am glad I can have a discussion with you without getting into a pissing contest or vile attacks. Unlike other on this site.
    I do support taxes for alternative energy, I also support DRILL DRILL DRILL, I also unlike you support the war, because IMO it keeps our country and my family safe!(remember everyone there enlisted not drafted).
    As far as education, this is a touchy issue. I didn't come from money by any means, but yet my parents busted their butts to send me and my brother to catholic school where as public shool is free.
    I do not know how else to say this without coming across as a racist and I am not. But the truth is the truth.
    Not sure where you are from, but I am born and raised in NYC,(which is primarily left) and I am sure some of these issues I am going to address are the same in all big cities.
    Where I do have a problem with my tax dollars is Welfare, Section 8(i.e. low income housing) SSI abuse. Public school attendance and grades in poorer neighborhoods atrocious. Because the teachers(most, just in it for a pension and benes)and the students don't give a shit about their education.
    I also have a problem with quick schemes(i.e. insurance fraud) which is widely spread.
    I also have a problem with fair evasion that is running rampant on one of the worlds largest Mass Transit Sytem(again done mostly in the poore neighborhoods) overcrowded jails(again predominately overun by minorities).

    All of the above, are a severe abuse of economic waste. But the left in NY and the country wants to keep funding this?

    I don't understand why people on this site do not understand this. Maybe the ones from Suburbia or other countries wouldn't get it unless they have seen it day in and day out?
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  6. Cuz, I'd like to see your reply to my post, especially with respect to Obama's voting record versus McCain's absences.
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  7. You and your type are so stupid sometimes I have to wonder how you even manage to turn on your PC so you can post on here.

    Fathers are not the ones that God gave breast milk to.

    But then again, none of you imbecile lowlifes actually follow the word of God.
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  8. What an asinine response - it makes no sense. What are you saying, that fathers don't have as much responsibility in raising children as mothers? Now, I am completely disgusted by teen pregnancy, but as far as I'm concerned, it's both Sarah AND Todd Palin's fault that their kid is pregnant. Parenting is cooperative, and they both dropped the ball.
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  9. cuz69


    To insinuate I can't turn on my pc or I am a lowlife because I don't agree with you. You are just a total FUCKING ASSHOLE.
    Typical vile attacks from the left. (Radical).

    The whole point is the media(I never said BO or JB said) but the liberal left media, says Sarah must not be qualified because she is a mother of 5 and who is going to take care of her children. Along with there other allegations.

    And my point is, you FUCKING IDIOT, that they do not say that to male politicians nor would they dare say that to women CEO!!
    That is the whole point!

    And to quote you: "Fathers are not the ones that God gave breast milk to" Has got to be the dumbest assinine statement I have heard yet.

    So to interpret that statement you must think women should stay home barefoot and pregnant and the men should work.
    Do you know how many people(men and women) would find that offensive?

    And you call yourself a Democrat or Liberal?

    God I hope you are not a father! And if you are, you are the saddest form of life. And I feel sorry your kids have a father like you!

    Just hit the ignore list.
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    Yeah I read that too. I also read the one where he missed 61.8% so which is true? I also know that John Kerry missed 72.3% or 488 votes when he was running.

    So the answer to your question is uhh. I think campaingning.
    A NV means absent, excused, or present.

    How do you know he wasn't excused? Do you know?
    I also know that Senate Leader Harry Reid delayed votes for Obama and Hillary. Sounds like some favoritism don'tcha think?

    Would he have done the same for McCain?
    I don't know and don't proclaim to know, because I am not in the Senate. Thank God.
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