Is obama a socialist?

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    your problem is your boy obama is a socialist do rag president, who governs like a prostitute.

    Obama's politics and policies support those who bought and paid for his campaign. For example, on the Chrysler bailout, Obama had the federal government intervene in order to overrule any bankruptcy judge.

    The UAW gave $5 million to Obama'a campaign and were richly repaid at the expense of America's contractual system, capitalist system of protecting the individual's private property rights. Chrysler's creditors were ripped off by obama and the UAW. In fact, those creditors constitutional - private property rights were violated by your corrupt prostitute president, obama.

    Obama usurped America's system of governing by the Rule of Law. By interceding on behalf of the UAW, essentially to repay their campaign donation, Obama governed like a dictator, instead of the Chief Executive of the head of Constitutional Republic

    Since the USA is a constitutional republic, Obama has already violated his oath of office and violated the constitution of the USA.

    Obama swore (twice) to uphold and preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the USA. But by his interceding for the UAW, to protect the Unions from bankruptcy forfeiture, Obama has already violated his oath and deserves impeachment for the deliberate violation of his oath(s) of office. Obama is a corrupt president and political prostitute, selling his politics and policies to paying customers like the UAW.

    Just follow the money. Goldman Sachs was the 2nd largest contributor to obama's campaign and JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup are also among his 20 largest contributors.

    Also, among the 20 largest are 4 large law firms - Obama has already told the doctors of the AMA that he is not for capping malpractice suits and therefore is against tort reform. That is another example of obama selling his politics and policy to campaign contributors. incidentally marbles, corrupt obama could cut healthcare costs by a minimum of 25% to 35% through tort reform and capping malpractice awards since lawyers force the practice of defensive medicine.

    There are other examples where Obama has already violated his oath of office but then what would you expect from a political prostitute like obama, our do rag president.
  2. Osama is a socialist pig.