Is Obama a Muslim in the eyes of our enemy?

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  1. Hear me out. This isn't about baseless rumormongering; I know that Obama considers himself Christian. A quick review of my posting history should show that I'm not even remotely a pro-McCain stooge.

    The thing is, from my understanding, under Sharia law if a child has a Muslim father, he too is Muslim.

    All mainstream interpretations of sharia maintain that the only punishment for apostasy (from a male of sound mind) is death.

    (Note: Many Muslims are against Sharia law. Despite what Fox News tells you, there are millions of reasonable / humane / peaceful Muslims in this world.)

    Now, supposedly Barack Obama Sr. had already "basically" become an atheist by the time he had Obama II. Thing is, Sharia jurisprudence is strict about defining apostasy: it usually has to be a formal statement or the most grievous of blasphemies, uttered in the presence of X number of others (I think that they have to be Muslim witnesses; could be wrong.)

    So I'm wondering if any Islamic extremists out there will/already have declared that Obama Sr. is/was a Muslim at the time of Obama II's birth, thus making Obama II a Muslim as well. I am doubting there are any witnesses or video evidence to prove that Obama Sr. had formally renounced his faith.

    On the other hand, there is no shortage of clips showing Obama declaring himself to be a Christian. This would make him... a Muslim apostate?

    I'm just thinking out loud here... this is a very interesting angle I hadn't fully appreciated until now. This seems like powerful ammo that any radical could use to launch a anti-USA fatwa/jihad.

    Let it be known I am not a fearmonger. The 9/11 attacks were extremely ghetto and based on the idea that USA citizens were taught to be passive and tolerant... we will never see a repeat. I do not believe that we are in significant danger domestically, nor do I believe a radical Muslim assassin could get anywhere near Obama, but this could be a problem for prolonged military occupations. I believe that such occupations are liabilities anyway (especially in our current economic climate) but...

    Well, it's interesting to consider. This entire damn year has been extremely interesting, mostly in very bad ways.

    I sincerely hope that 2009 won't be even more interesting.
  2. Economy tanking, war ongoing, posts are about Obama's possible religion.

    The United States is finished.
  3. theres nothing wrong with being muslim.
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    I could give a crap either way, but just for shits and giggles, try punching in "anti-christ obama" on google.

    EDIT: Woops, apologies on the slow draw. Already a thread about this.
  5. Of all the modern mainstream religions, Islam is the most badly flawed.
  6. So,
    the premise of your beliefs and this post is that Muslims are your enemies? Are you sure you are not an islamophobe?
    Are you religious, and if so - are you really a fundamentalist? :p
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    The muslim world will always consider Obama to be a muslim. The simpletons will hate him for proclaiming not being a muslim or having left islam, but the craftier ones will know that he is a muslim in disguise.

    With Obama the great US will have joined the Ummah, in their eyes. They will see this as yet another successful outcome of their Jihad. The payback for what the Sheikh started.

    And the american voter is just too happy to satisfy their dreams. It proves that all US military operations in the middle east were for nothing. For Osama killed their spirits where he could not strike a physical blow.

    And now the mighty US with its cowardly populace bends over. A nation of fools, ready to be taken over.
  8. Can you believe Biden will be directing the mid-east policy.

    He was the one who put a bill up for vote to break Iraq into 3 countries. Turkey was irate.

    Obama is going to sit down with these arabs thugs. He will get a good feeling, proclaim peace then move on.

    The world is in for a nightmare
  9. Someone needs to bottle and sell Republican fear.
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