is Obama a litle TOO laid back?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by killthesunshine, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. all i hear is generality.

    if he says "what the American people want" one more time i think i9 will vomit
    where are the specifics Mr Obama??:confused:
  2. He built an entire campaign on "change" and "hope" - what did you expect from this charlatan?
  3. At no time during his hyped up campaign did he EVER give any specifics as to how he was going to "change" the country.
  4. There undoubtably will be a gigantic and dramatic downfall of the public opinion of Obama.

    In a year or so his approval numbers have a very good chance of being lower than Bush's.

    The economy was the number 1 issue especially for lower and middle class voters. Not even Goerge Washinton could get us out of this. Obama made a promise to change even though that promise is not possible. He will look like one of the biggest liars in history. The only way he won't look like a liar is if he actually thought he could change something which would make him the most idiotic president ever.

    Bush lost approval by staying in Iraq.

    Obama will lose massive amounts of approval after lying to the American public about actually being able to change things.

    Obama is basically a con artist. He claims something works and something is amazing with no proof, just hype.

    The first thing to look for is a change in his tone of confidence. After that the downhill scenario will be limitless.
  5. Obama is doing everything possible to bailout as many companies as needed to prop up the markets. This will actually help his approval numbers because it was Bush who botched up Iraq; not Obama. Obama is viewed as being strong on the economy, and his recent innitiatives confirm this.