is Obama a "Jive Turkey" in disguise?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by riddler, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. riddler


    i'm just curious,he is kind of reminding me of JJ from Good Times.
    also he has a touch of Freddie "boom boom" Washington from welcome back Kotter. that said, how will he pass this health care bill? will he challenge congress to a game of hoops? I think he has been conferring with "Ice T" and Dr Dre regarding this whole issue. things are looking good sucka's... yo, Obama in da house !
  2. Alvin


    do people from different cultures disturb you? you are most comfortable in your smoker good ol'boys club, aren't you.
  3. another one of those guys

  4. riddler, he IS JJ from Good Times. Haven't you ever wondered what happened to JJ? He went muslim and changed his name to Osama. JJ is in da house!
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  6. that is a poignant question ...

    I'm suddenly struck with all types of questions, but this might be the most significant of them all. The answer lies in a mixture of both the intellect and the emotion, to rely purely on the mind in such cases would produce an insufficient answer. The mind, the most reliable and unreliable of all things we depend on, may be regarded as the best tool available upon which we can rely to make an honest assessment of the physical world that surrounds us, but the question posed is no mere assessment of the natural order of things, it is indeed, a fundemental reassessment of that same order, the order we're incessently reminded of.

    A "Jive Turkey" in disguise? I'll leave it for the ages to decide.
  7. Topper


    Wow. He put on some weight.
  8. maxpi


    and, what, you like sitting around behind the liquor store passing a bottle of wine and dreaming of getting some free tail?
  9. maxpi


    BFD, second semester philosophy garbage... btw, philosophers of late have been writing books about the despair of philosophy in that it HASN'T ANSWERED ANYTHING REGARDING HUMAN HAPPINESS... minor details....

    Obama's IQ is not high enough to be much of a leader, he's barely up to being a good puppet... look at the moronic stuff he comes out with when his teleprompter is out of commission... what a joke....
  10. Who the hell is that guy? Willie Brown?
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