Is Obama a good CEO of America, Inc.?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Robert A. Green, Oct 24, 2012.

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    I posted this in Career Trader since its mostly about taxes, my wheelhouse.

    What do you think about President Obama as CEO of America, Inc.?

    Do you see my point about tax hikes being like price increases on your best customers?

    Sure, the Presidency is far different from being a CEO, but to create jobs and improve the economy it's good to think a bit like a CEO and listen to other CEOs, too. Do you agree?
  2. Every president since WWII has been a bad CEO, each has a deficit. A business cannot run on deficits. So to answer the question, it is too obvious.
  3. At least we're not fighting 6 different wars. There's no ROI on a bomb or a tank. Even you know that.
  4. if a ceo can double the stock price in 4 years is he good?
  5. Not only that, think about the almost 1 billion (don't know maybe its about 700 m) he siphoned off from the company (USA) for his campaign. Isn't that compensation?
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  7. Nani? I thought we WERE still fighting 6 different wars... ???
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    This is complete idiocy as usual.

    (1) You are saying that we should short every company with debt > 0.0? Good luck with that strategy.
    (2) a good company should prefer to finance with debt rather than equity, since it is confident that it can payoff its borrowing with growth that will be generated with the said borrowing without giving away shares of income after that;

  9. How can Odumbo be a "good CEO of America"? Everything he does wreaks of trying to DESTROY AMERICA RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES!

    Unfortunately, half of America could care less... after all, Odumbo promised them "free ice cream"... and that trumps all.

    :mad: :mad:
  10. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    For someone with the moniker "Free Thinker", there is surprisingly little thinking going on in that brain of his. Doubling the market is a result of the Fed printing, not of Obama's doing anything (other than reappointing the printer).
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