Is Obama a core supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood

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  1. Consider the following three events. First, on May 10, 2013, the Obama Administration elected to waive human rights restrictions placed on American military aid to Egypt, freeing up $1.3 billion for the Muslim Brotherhood regime’s military without the required showing that the “Government of Egypt is supporting the transition to civilian government, including holding free and fair elections and implementing policies to protect freedom of expression, association, and religion and due process of law.”

    In other words, the Morsi government could keep funding the military even as it brutally oppressed dissent, including Egypt’s embattled Coptic Christian community.

    Fast-forward to Monday, July 1, 2013. The corrupt, oppressive Muslim Brotherhood government had just faced what some were counting among the largest public protests in history. And here’s our president:

    On Monday, the US president, Barack Obama, indicated that Morsi had not yet lost his backing. “We don’t make those decisions just by counting the number of heads in a protest march but we do make decisions based on whether or not a government is listening to the opposition, maintaining a free press, maintaining freedom of assembly, not using violence or intimidation, conducting fair and free elections,” he said.

    Wait. What? Do you not remember that you just waived those very same human rights requirements not even two months ago? How much could you possibly care about these basic liberties?

    Now fast-forward to today, July 3, when we learn that the Administration does actually care:

    Officials have also warned the Egyptian military that a military coup [against the Muslim Brotherhood] would trigger U.S. legislation cutting off all U.S. aid, which totals about $1.5 billion per year.

    For those keeping score at home, the Obama Administration waives human rights requirements when the Muslim Brotherhood is in power but then threatens to impose those very same waived requirements when the military — our decades-long ally within Egypt — threatens to assert control.

    I erred in the title of my post by calling the policy “chaos.” It’s not chaos. It makes perfect sense in context with Administration actions from the Green Revolution to the “Arab Spring.” Allies are thrown under the bus with alacrity, enemies are wooed with money and weapons — and through it all, radicals prosper and Christians die.
  2. Pretty good summary.

    Obama couldn't throw Mubarak, a US ally for 30 years who kept the peace with Israel, under the bus fast enough. Now, with far larger demonstrations over far more egregious repression, he supports the muslim brotherhood, a radical group that has threatened Israel and supplied weapons to othe conflicts in the region.

    The Egytian military should do what is necessary to rescue their country. Otherwise, they will wake up dead one morning, just like those in Iran who had a chance to stop the radicals there but yielded to US pressure not to do so.
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    Our government has always been a supporter of any foreign leader who at the very least does not interfere with, but especially with those who facilitate, the profit making of US business.
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    Obama is a stupid dick with an agenda that definitely is not American nor in the interests of the America's people.
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    King Obama

    Drones in the sky o’re the land of the free,
    “The Messiah” Obama spying on you and me.
    Tapping our phones and e-mail too,
    He is afraid of what we can do.

    He wants our guns and ammo you see,
    Cause his tyranny, is not to be.
    We are free people in this land,
    But not under the Kings heavy hand.

    He is working hard almost everyday,
    To try and take our rights away.
    GOD given rights he can try and take,
    Afraid that will be one tremendous mistake!

    Millions have served this great land,
    Many have died from an enemies hand.
    I cherish this land and freedom too,
    I was proud to serve America and of course you.

    Black verses white and tween men and women too,
    He has started wars to divide me and you.
    Take from the makers everything he can,
    To GIVE to the takers in this great land.

    Between Fast & Furious and Ben-ghazi,
    The King is a liar as we all can see.
    Lie to America every chance he gets,
    There is no lie that he regrets.

    We must hold firm to survive this regime,
    And send’em packin’ in twenty fourteen.
    We will survive there is no doubt,
    This is the land of the free that I shout!!

    John D USN RVN 71, 72, 73, evac 75