Is Oanda having lack of liquidity?

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    Oanda is overflowing with cash. People don't understand how profitable it is running a bucket shop, its like running a casino. You can't lose. Last check 160 million dollar capitalization. The will be over a billion in a few years no doubt.
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    In December 2008 I had no knowledge of $60 Trillion to $120 Trillion loss which has destroyed world economy.

    I stand with my statement "FOREX is the "only profitable investment available" because FOREX means "trading in international currency" and it will stay as long as financial world in running. Forex is competition among international currencies.

    The whole financial world & giant companies crashed in 2008.

    In my case, profit is +176% for Year 2008.
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  4. Another totally bizarre thread.
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    Now Oanda and other big 30 forex brokers will shut down due to lack of liquidity because the world economy will suffer further loss of $1200 Trillion from global meltdown.

    Only the strongest, fittest and most experienced forex brokers will survive.

    Big forex brokers = Fat people and they are unhealthy and weak.
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    Do you feel frustrated at the fact that Oanda has survived and will continue offering traders the opportunity to speculate long into the future ?

    No offense, just a passing thought.
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  7. I don't mind offending him - he's a total nutter.

    I'd say he had an agenda but he'd be mad to think that espousing it here made any difference - so once again one draws the conclusion: mad as a hatter.
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  8. No doubt. It's like a drunken rant.
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    talkshit does nothing but start bs threads.

    * I hear he has under good authority from sources placed high in the Indian gov't that the above info he spewed is true and factual.
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  10. Good company but their charts are very hard to read.
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