Is Nvda still a buy?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by RGLD, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. RGLD


    Their gaming cards don't sell as well anymore, but that's everyone including Iphone sales.

    It's almost back to 200 again where they dropped after the 2018 earnings. Yikes... now the GeForce is gone and everything is the new RPX videocard... I guess they trying to turn over a new leaf?

    What do you think?
  2. Here4money


    They lead in autonomous hardware and AI. They're a keeper. Just wish I had read the bottom earlier.
  3. maxinger


    It WAS a great buy.

    Price doesn't go up and up and up and .....
  4. RGLD


    Same people were telling me it'll fall to $100 in January. This "research firm" concluded that Nvda has great future potential before announcing they have the stock target at $75 a share. Yes, that's another 30% decline from when I was reading but they tell me it's a great company. Trolls.
  5. NVDA was hyped up a lot due to the bubble in cryptocurrency mining cards. It caused a peak in demand for NVDA chips, to a level that they were unable to deliver enough products. That bubble seems to have burst by now, and they are back to "business as usual".
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  6. RGLD


    Bit coin is rallying again. Do you think it'll hurt them once again if it burst?
  7. I am not talking about the price of bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies. I am talking about mining them. GPU cards used to be suitable and powerful enough to make money with mining. That is no longer the case. Specialized chips have taken over and in many countries is the cost of electricity the bottleneck for making profit in mining.
  8. Fair warning , according to Tesla Nvidia technology is not good enough
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    I understand that, but my point is they took a hit last time because of the Crypto decline. If you check crypto in the last month, it's been rallying again. If it spikes to 15k a coin again ( I doubt it), do you think Nvda will have the same bubble?

    They can not prevent people from buying their cards for mining. And they can't stop people from pumping up their stock based on that fact... So they are at the mercy of any crypto booms and bust.
  10. Here4money


    Yeah, TSLA's PR department puts out a bunch of crazy shit.
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