Is NQ liquid enough to scalp 10 contracts ?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by tradersaavy, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. Is NQ liquid enough to scalp 10 contracts ?

    I say scalp because I usually take the first thrust of 2 points + or - on half my position and then let the rest run.

    I've been trading with 2 contracts ( just recently became profitable) and am comfortable enough with my technique now that I would like to trade more contracts. 6 would be fine but I'd like to get to 10 contracts quickly if possible.
  2. Sanjuro


    NQ, 10 contracts easily.

    There is sufficient liquidity for that size.
  3. sabena


    Just have a look at the bid and ask sizes for a few seconds...

    it doesn't take a genius to figure this out....
  4. Yes.

    You'd have no problem.


  5. kernan


    Yes, easily and then some.
  6. Pedro


    Do you really trade with 10 contracts? Wow, if the price goes -2
    +commission....... Bad day then..
  7. ChrisRT


    Yes, 10 contracts is not a problem and I'm not sure where Pedro is capital wise, but the main point being, is trading 10 contracts still within your risk/capital management parameters. If so, you will find trading 10 contracts not a problem.


    Christopher Schumacher
  8. lets see you trade 10 contracts, you fool!!.

    show me your account statements.
  9. The point I am making is someone who asks this question obviously does not have the first idea about trading the ES.

    if you where trading the ES and where ready to increase size you would not ask such a silly question.
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone.

    Watson.... I especially thank you for your reply about ES on this NQ thread.

    I figured someone would question the mere ability to trade if such a question about being able to get filled with 10 contracts on NQ was asked. So, thank you for making it so blatantly obvious that any idiot should know that 10 contracts will be filled, you've answered the question.

    I currently trade 2 contracts. I saw a great set up a few months ago and placed an order for 3 NQ contracts. I only got 2 contracts filled before the price was 1.5 away from my entry. It was a simple hammer pullback, no news and between the hours of 10a and 11a. So, from this, I have wondered about FILLS. Of course there are several contracts going off as anyone can see on the time and sales, however, being fairly new to this, I still have wondered since that day of not getting the 3 contracts.

    A trading technique, system, method, whatever you want to call it , is either profitable or not. Once profitable, increasing size within a trading method from 1 contract to 2 to ???? is simply a logical next step, is it not ?
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