Is now the time.

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by nl711, Dec 26, 2008.

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    I wonder if now is the time to start taking day trading/active trading seriously. The market is so low that it can only go a little farther down but way up. who knows?
  2. There is never a "perfect" time to start. :cool:
  3. please tell me you are joking

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  4. Markets are always changing and there is really not a perfect time to begin to learn/enter seriously.... being "perfect" is a requirement which is indictitive of your lifestyle and happenchances....

    "who knows" holds the most water... seriously, one should realize the market could hit ZERO... though unlikely but the possibility exists... (ok, so even during the great plague the human species only droped 30% in population) my point is that thinking in definites will not work.


  5. Handle123


    I remember in 1985 Sugar got down to 4 cents a pound, "everyone" was buying it saying the lows were in,
    "Everyone" took a bath cause Sugar dropped another 42% from there to 2.30 cents a pound.

    So how much of a loss can you take?
    If you are day trading, it should not matter where the market is, 99% of the time I couldn't tell you if the DOW is up 700 points or down that. You trade your well backtested rules.

  6. pak


    Its funny u mentuion that sugar Handle,

    My father was one of those idiots who bought it around 4 and buried himself when it broke 3...
  7. pak


    and now he's doing the same with the financial index UYG.

    I just love that expression : "it cant go lower"
  8. nl711


    I'm thinking now is a better time than any. It just seems like every stock I research is at a five year low or near it. Even companies that are profitable are at lows. Making money in the market seems right around the corner. My 2009 goal is to turn 10k into 100k. I know some of you have much more and invest much more probably on a daily basis. However I can only afford to lose 10k right now (if on the off chance the market goes to 0). I will of course hedge this by continually putting the max into my 401k and so forth. There is a sea of money out there I just wanna grab 90k in my first year of active trading. Who knows what will happen but I'm going to try hard to pull this off.
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    nl711, You have the marks of someone setting themselves up for disappointment. I suggest you think of that sea of money as loaded with sharks ready to rip your head off.
  10. nl711


    I swim with sharks and dance with weasels everyday. I sit down at poker games at least three times a week where there is no less than 10k at the table at all times. I'm not scared in the slightest. I am not going to do options,commidities,futures, or any of that other bs. I'm just going to do straight up stocks. The plan is to buy and then sell when they go up 30%. I will sell if they lose 10%. If I put all my money in one stock I just have to make 30% 9 times. I'm sure I will buy a few different ones so I may have to make 30% a few more than 9 times but who knows. I'm getting in on this game and going to get at least 100k in the first year. Wish me luck. lol nl711
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