is now the best time to go short?

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  1. or there is more rally next week?
  2. have you noticed the visible boom-bust boom-bust up-downs on the ES intraday? say around every 15min or so.. it's become very visible today/yesterday.. does it mean anything? I've seen much smoother lines in the past few weeks..
  3. surely we'll have a down day next week?
  4. this market is just crazy...

    is it time to just be long and stay long ? till when?
  5. this market appears so distorted to me.. everything i look at no longer holds value or means anything.. from correlation to news, charts etc..

    is anyone here making money in this market?
  6. S2007S


    Just buy, there is nothing to lose in this market

    With BUBBLE ben bernanke printing trillions how can you possibly lose...

    Just buy, there is no downside left....

    :p :p :p :p :p
  7. Is this the BEST time to go short? of course not. The best time to short is during a bear market, not when the market keeps making all time highs.

    Now if you are talking about a longer term trade then shorting at these levels might make you look like a genius in 3 years, but you might blow up in the process.

    The question is, if you go short now, what will you do if the S&P blows through 1700 by June? Keep holding or cry uncle?

  8. but honestly, is this what you're doing?

    I know lot of people who hold this view- but they're not buying shit.
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    The best time to go short is during a bear market???????????????


    You dont know its a bear market until 20% is gone.....

    A bear market is considered a drop of 20% or more, so basically you would have to wait until a 20% correction to finally go short these then it would probably jump 14%.

    When this market falls its going to happen extremely quick, you will be unaware of the downside until its already happened, as for the upside in this market, all bull markets tire out, they dont last forever and this one has been going strong now for about 4+ years with gains of 140%++++ Do you really think there are 140% worth of gains in the next 4 years?

  10. so are you saying you are long? or telling a good story?

    yes of course it wouldn't be nice if you're short and sp flys through 1700 but is it likely? yes it could be but is it so much that you're buying it? or are you sitting back given me a theory?

    there always comes a time when you decide on the risk-reward... what goes down, at this rate, must have some downside, even 30-40 points, right? there is nothing wrong with shorting in a bull market, it's just when and what you're targetting. I'm not planning to short for a 1000 points.

    so what is your style? you long? trend following?
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