is NinjaTrader a broker?

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  1. I'm confused. I see ninjatrader pictures all over the place but it looks like a trading platform. Are they a broker too?

    Can you use NinjaTrader with other brokers? Is there any reason to?

    Can you use NinjaTrader data with other charts? Is there any reason to? I'm familiar with SierraChart, how does Ninja compare?

    What about AMP? I hear they have the best commissions. They are a broker. Are they a charting platform too? Do you use their data with different charts?
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    Try this: type Ninjatrader in Google and press enter, now read the first few words you see at the top of the results and you have the answer to your question.

    All your other question can also be answered by some basic searching or reading FAQ's ...
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    Ninja is an IB, introducing broker. Either Dorman or Phillips would be the Futures Commission Merchant and clearing firm. In order to use NT with other brokers you need to be "grandfathered" in, which is I believe prior to 2015. Ninja receives data through a provider such as continuum (CQG) or Rythmic. You can trial NT or APM's associated charting services to see what you like.
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    Ninja and Tradestation became brokers to make more money and I expect Sierra Chart will follow them sooner or later......
  5. it's trading software & also a introducing broker~

    your money will deposit at Dorman or Phillips (Futures Commission Merchant and clearing firm)
  6. I have had Sierrachart for years and years. I used them with someone's data feed. I get confused by this the more I do things.