is next monday (7/3/06) a holiday day?

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  2. You are close. In the USA, we celebrate the FOURTH of July.
  3. In Canada, Yes it is.


    yeah I know that u celebrate the 4th :)

    (just found the answer two threads below - monday is a short day. should have looked first ...)

    good tradind day to everyone
  5. when did July 3rd becomes a holiday?

    If you ask if July 3rd feel like a holiday at work, then its yes. Because many if not all managers will take that day off.


    no it's just am not from States...
  7. ZING!! :D

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    I think the market closes at 1 pm EST on Monday, which should effectively make it a holiday as I think trading will be very slow.
  9. equities close @ 1pm est monday.

    CME equity indexes close at 1:15pm est
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    If you guys ever need the definitive answer about the exchange's schedule for holidays (and days surrounding holidays), you can always check the exchange website. Go to on the homepage look for 'holiday schedule' and then you'll get the list of all the holidays for the year up to New Year's.

    Here's CME's page:
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