Is news necessary to trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by OPC, Feb 24, 2003.

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    Dear brethren:

    Do you think that reading news is an integral part of successful trading? Have you ever experimented with a pure technical approach, i.e., no news at all?

  2. for pair trading, not knowing the news fast enough was a real detriment...till I spend some big $$ for premium news from different sources.

    I've been thinking of getting a Bloomberg terminal...any experience out there on Bloomberg news?
  3. A trader told me he never let the news influence his trading... until the day he shorted Walmart.. the same day KMart filed Chapter 11... he said it was "painfull"...:D
  4. Let's put it this way: it isn't so much the news per se that's's the market's reaction to news. The market's reaction to news gives you trend confirmation.


  5. no
  6. huey & the news??
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    That's the way I had been using it, until my news source decided to raise the fees and provide only real time news. I feel I just don't need that. Technicals do a better work in analysing the short term picture.

    Does anyone know of a news provider, in a delayed basis, for market close reports of the major U.S. commodity markets?


  8. Not only do I not read news, but I don't even look at the names of the companies I trade. Symbols only. I don't want to be biased.
  9. le140

    le140 is all I need for the past 10 yrs. Wait til everybody knows about the news, see how they react to it and sometimes I go along if I am early enough or fade it if I am late.

    But I think the trick is to make sure traders get shaken out of stops before u fade the fade.
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    Have you ever read news in your trading experience before and how do you compare results?

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