Is Ned Bennett, COO of optionsXpress related to Phil Bennett of REFCO?

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  1. Is Ned Bennett, COO of optionsXpress related to Phil Bennett of REFCO?

    ...just curious.
  2. ...and are their birthdays 6/66?
  3. Yes! They are related! Ned is a senior brother to Phil. I recall chit-chatting with Phil when OX was branching out of Chicago.....

    Any particular reason for asking?

    Ned Benneth, Ben Morof, and other OX officials used to be nice guys back in 2000/2001, but shortly after I gave them their first 1000 clients, they switched ground and pitched their tent with Bernie Schaeffer who has lost millions of dollars in clients fund!
  4. throw in bill bennett, the fat racist.
  5. They're both Chicago guys in the derivatives market so it seemed plausible.

    Also, I have an OX account, so I hope Phil's stupidity isn't genetic.
  6. Phil knows next to nothing on Options. He was/is saddled with the moderation of OX message board, he does nothing but to censor any bashing of Bernie Schaeffer.

    Bernie Schaeffer is a stakeholder in OptionsXpress.:)
  7. Kindly post a link where you found Bernie Schaeffer is a stakeholder in Options Xpress...
  8. Oh...OptionsXpress sent email to their customers in August 2003 asking them to sign up for Bernie's newsletter/auto-trading services. It was explicitly stated in the email that Bernie was/is a stakeholder.
  9. There is a Phil Bennett who is currently an Executive Vice President/Customer Service at OE. So unless he is moonlighting as the CEO of REFCO I suspect they are two different people.
  10. You are right! I'm just finding that out! They may/may-not be related! There's one Phil Benneth who is related to Ned Benneth.
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