Is Nasdaq buying BRUT??

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by qazmax, May 25, 2004.

  1. qazmax


    Someone just said they heard this on the TV...
    Any truth to it?
    Anyone have a link?

  2. qazmax


  3. I guess NYSE will have to buy Island.
  4. island/instinet is going to buy NYSE. Wait a minute can you buy a 'not for profit' company? Maybe the ole' boys won't go for that after all.

  5. WinSum


    Can't be good news for Boston Exchange...

    Damn, I like Brut too, much better than SuperMontage.
  6. On an un-related note for you Naz traders, do you know if the SIZE function is proactive?? i.e takes out bids and offers and then posts the rest?


  8. "The Brut acquisition is intended to enhance NASDAQ's systems by providing NASDAQ with the ability to route orders via an internal broker-dealer to multiple liquidity pools in keeping with changes proposed by Reg NMS"

    Does anyone understand this ?
  9. WinSum


    It means Nasdaq is going to castrate Brut like Instinent did to Island.

    #10     May 25, 2004