Is my money safe at Interactive Brokers ?

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  1. more specifically : where is my money held ? a bank account ? a clearing firm ?
    which one?

    they say:We currently hold $4 billion in equity capital. great and where's the money? at Citigroup? Chase ? is it safe?

    with a widespread silent bank run, we could be wiped out, i don't trust SIPC..

    heres some reading..

    Financial and Corporate System is in Cardiac Arrest: The Risk of the Mother of All Bank Runs
  2. not if you own the stock IBKR, damm its down a lot.

    I am down to only 100 shares but its over $2 less per share than what i paid for it....
  3. Worried about this too.
  4. you should be more afraid of "blowing up" an acct

    in these turbulent times for traders

    than IB 's "blowing up"

    in my opinion

    good luck gentlemen

  5. What are you talking about???
  6. Me too I'm worried also...

  7. I'm worried because you are worried...:D

  8. i trust IB for being conservative... i don't trust the banks where IB places our funds
  9. Daal


    I wonder how big is IB asset liability mismatch
  10. just21


    The Irish government have guarenteed all bank deposits for two years, they should transfer the money there.
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