is my demo'ing realistic?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Mirzy, Nov 22, 2011.

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    I have a trading system where in the first 30 minutes of trading I make most of my money. I have been demoing it and make an average of $250 a day. I wait for stocks to pass a resistance/support or moving average etc. and get in the trade in the direction I think it will go. Im worried however that when I start trading real money that it will be different. I market in and don't set limit orders so I don't think the demo is giving me much better prices than I would get on the real thing. So my questions are:

    What are your experiences with demo'ing a successful system then taking it live?
    Did it continue to be successful?
    Also what should I do to make the demo more realistic if there is anything I can do?

    Thanks for any info you can give me on this matter.

    P.S. I use lightspeed demo if that matters
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    real money & emotions it will feel different . you can count on that

    go live & report back on how your doing with making real money
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    get an electric shock dog collar and give your self a zap for every negative hundred,then you will be afraid to lose,only difference between live and demo
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    You don't sound properly prepared nor confident in your methods. With stocks, you should run some trades at small size and see if your results are similar.. very easy and low risk first step.

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    if your worried . your not ready. take more time to learn your strategy

    only trade when you have confidence in your approach to trading
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    Most of the cases demo and real system gives same result but if you are worried about it then can use other system to compare it or using little amount would be good decision when go for real system.
  9. People underestimate psychology. I know i did when i first went from demo to live. The emotions get you if you loose. To overcome that, try trading real money in micro amounts, but large enough so you don't end up paying more than 100% of your profits in commission. Then slowly increase it. But slowly! You will need to get used to it, it takes time, even if you think after a few days you're ready to double your trading capital, you're probably not. I'm usually cool headed about everything and have great emotional controls in real life. Daytrading took me by surprise, and i learned something about myself. Don't be overconfident. Slow wins the race. Your techniques probably will work in live as well as in demo, as long as they aren't spread trading and scalping (ie trade duration 2+ minutes), as long as you overcome yourself.
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    Thanks for the tips guys. From your posts I conclude that demoing itself is realistic price wise but the psychology isn't . I will definitely work on that and start small.
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