Is My Computer Fast Enough For Tradestation? Please Help!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by romeopitbull, May 19, 2003.

  1. Hi, I am in a process of switching from Scottrade to Tradestation. I've never used a direct-access broker and their software. I am afraid that my computer won't be fast enough. I currently have:

    AMD 1.2 GHz
    256 MB RAM
    20 GB HD
    19" Monitor

    Would you recommend upgrading anything, please help. Thanks.
  2. We need more info on what you are going do? Are you going to use complicated trading systems, how many charts at same time, do you want to scan a great number of stocks...?

    I dont use tradestation but on one of my pc's which is a pIII 600 with 192 mb, I run IB TWS +bracket trader + excel + my charting software (two charts windows with a few custom formulas) and it runs very well.
  3. I will have open only Level2, news, and maybe a few charts. Thanks.
  4. Should be enough if you don't open too many or to "complicated" charts. Anyway, you won't lose anything trying with your actual config.
  5. You might have some trouble with TS7 (I did). My P3 simply can't handle the load, even with increased RAM. Fortunately I can run TS6 no problem. Try TS7 and if it is too laggy for you then just bump down to six.
  6. What was your speed on Pent III and RAM? I want to run TS 7, if my PC can't handle then I will upgrade CPU/RAM whatever I need.