is my commission fair?

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  1. been trading a year now....i trade appx 15-25k shs per $5.5 per 1k standard or can i do better?
  2. sorry .... i need to amend.... it's actually .04/1000........... the other fees are ecn and all in was ..055
  3. Ah its okay
  4. You'd be closer to .003 or less at IB if you mostly add liquidity.
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    Yes, it's a good rate for DMA.
  6. anything over $4 per 1000 is a ripoff. Aim for $3 though
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    His volume is very low for volume discounts.
  8. About the same as IB's blended rates. High if you always add liquidity.
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    Since any DMA route would include rebates and fees for adding and taking liquidity, the base rate is all that's important.
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    You can definitely do better on that commission. Just shop around, but have trading sheets available. Must be able to prove volume. 25k a day should help you get some price changes, but anything under that and you are just average so no reason for a firm to give you a killer deal imo. I just switched firms because I do 50-100k a day and got a great deal. Very happy. If interested, pm me and I will give you my the info for the broker who gave me my deal. Cheers
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