Is my assumption correct ?

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  1. I am no good at history and make conclusions only from what i see.

    Zionists can be jews or christians. Plenty of evidence on google.

    Is relationship like that :

    zionists are group of people - that added themselves nationality for extra weight. And unfortunately for jews, chosen jewish ?


    what zionist stand for anyway ?

    hope this not offending anyone.
  2. bit of math. If jews as a group existed 4000 years ago, and they lived all around the place then chance of any human today not having jewish genes is virtually zero. So everyone is a jew by genetic definition.

    If group of people that work together identifies a person in key position, come to him and say you are jew and we want you to work with us and off we go. That would explain why so many rich jews. Person gets immediate protection from jewish story...

    So, am i missing something here ?
  3. Well, 4000 years in the context of human history is not that long. If you said 1,000,000 years, I'd say you're probably right. But not 4000 years. And being a Jew is not only a matter of race, it's also a religion. The two are bound up. I often wonder if I have Jewish genes. Don't really know, which means I probably don't. But you don't need to be Jewish any longer to know G-d (Isa. 49:6).
  4. 4000 years is 200 generations. Like it or no, if you are not computer generating above, you have jewish genes. Religion can be changed.

    I think we have another bubble: jewish bubble. Many want to be jews as you get immediate protection, especially ones that done something wrong. Bet, true jews (by religion) dont like it.

    finally, this is my trading idea : lobbying in government is major contributor to profits for many companies. Health stocks, IBM, etc.

    It is my belief that power of lobbying is plateauing. Therefore will be looking for lobbyists losing power.

    Most seem to be jews as described above. They like protection.

    Idea is to short lobbyists companies and buy non-lobbyists companies when i see enough signs lobbyists losing it...
  5. 4000 years is 200 generations. Like it or no, if you are not computer generating above, you have jewish genes. Religion can be changed.

    Religion can be changed. ... ask them about that.

    They like protection.

    So do I. Maybe you too. Why is that wrong ? Hmm, maybe I'm Jewish after all.
  6. Whats funny is that Israelites(jews) and Ishmaelites(muslims) both decended from the same grandfather, Abraham.
  7. That means that Hero Jake Jones Cohen wants to kill his own relatives ?
  8. Not all of them.
    Originally, the most of them should be from Noah through his son Ham ( hamites ).
  9. Too complicated. Will keep eye on some companies to pair trade. Trading is simple once you know what to ignore