Is mr. market a liar?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Rocco, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. Michael,

    Actually I'm at 385 lbs. Two things that I have found help me go up quickly from 335 lbs to 385 lbs:

    Work with heavy weights on tricep extenstions and on military press. Your triceps and shoulders are involved in the bench press and they will help you get past sticking points.

    Eat lots and lots of protein. Nitrotech is a great supplement. You will grow and grow once you start taking it. Good luck!
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  2. The "streak" has enabled me to make money. I am quite satisfied with the streak and my profits.

    Some of the ET people have shared some great ideas with me on how to improve my performance. Others have joined my forum, indicating interest in my system and investing style. Seems to me that this is a pretty good information exchange. Don't you think?

    Let me ask you one question. If my streak was 44 consecutive losses in a row of 15% or greater, and I posted it here, do you think people would be so mean to me or question my credibilty??
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  3. Mr. Market,

    In your quanitative approach....would you consider this to be a true statement?

    60% of as stocks price movement can be attributable to the general market trend

    If you concur how do you apply this to your model?

    Michael B.

    P.S. Where do I get nitrotech?

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  4. You may be "satisfied" with your own steak and money that you may have made, but don't you see the difference between trying to share something and self promotion?

    If your so called "streak" were 44 consecutive losses in a row of 15% or greater, most people wouldn't doubt your credibility as much as they would think you stupid.

    I have seen streaks come and go, and find them meaningless in the larger context of investing and/or trading.

    Unless you enjoy the negative attention (I suspect you are desperate for any kind of attention negative or positive) you could simply adjust your message to your audience. This is not Yahoo, nor are people impressed by someone who has their "home page" on AOL.

    The lack of professionalism in your approach and you focus on personal accomplishments that really have nothing to do with investing and trading raise quite a number of red flags.
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  5. Rocco


    But I said "billions to one". Anyway, if it were "billion to one", do you think mr. market is 1 of 6 people on this planet to be the "chosen"?? Neither do I.

    Again, the masses here have spoken. Over 500 posts by this ape, and he is losing the poll on truth, again. All you have is your credibility in the trading world. To not understand that, is to show you aren't a serious trader.

    I've tried to spread love on this board. But as i've said, this board has zero credibility allowing a lying, pimping ape to run around spewing un-truths and continued disturbance. In Europe, he would be stoned. Although, his massive ape hair would insulate him a bit.
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  6. One other point I would like to make, which goes to the heart of the issue of managing money for oneself, or others.

    Focusing on a streak means shifting the focus of decision making toward a goal that may not be in the best interest of a portfolio.

    Every moment an investor is in the market (I am not talking about those who short...only those who buy stocks), they are faced with a choice to hold, buy more, or sell all or a portion of what they have in the market.

    Unless someone has unlimited funds, each stock that is held means that the money in that stock cannot be used for a BETTER stock, one with greater upside.

    If a portfolio contains some dogs, yet the money could be better utilized by selling the dogs and buying some other stock that has better upside potential, but the money manager won't sell the dogs because he doesn't want to "break his streak" the manager is putting the streak before wise investing decisions.

    Taking a loss is often the way to make more money down the road, every good trader and investor knows this. Attachment to a streak is a liability for any investor, or money manager.

    If I knew a fund manager focused in on a personal goal of maintaining a streak to pump up his subscriber-ship/ego etc., I would dump him in a minute as his focus is in the wrong area.

    mrmarket's emphasis on his "streak" and the maintenance of that streak at the potential detriment to his overall portfolio growth, and his consistent pumping of that "streak" tells me everything I really need to know about where his talents genuinely lie, and what his real motives are.

    If someone doesn't have a goal of making the most amount of money possible with the funds they have available, they are not really an investor at heart, but someone seeking self-worth from the recognition of others.

    mrmarket is managing a "streak" not a portfolio.
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  7. Actually, I'm only willing to spend about a couple of hours a week at this. What is really comical is how I outperform a significant number of people who do this for a living. Ha ha ha ha!!!!

    My stomach hurts I'm laughing so much.
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  8. Again, how did you try to spread love? All you do is start negative threads and attack people, and then rail on negativity. You said you would leave if negativity continued. Well, leave then (especially since you are part of the problem, not the solution. You are a hypocrite. And don't tell us about how things are in Europe. For one thing, there are significant differences WITHIN Europe. And if you want to tell us about how things are in France, be sure to include how in France you are expected to enjoy the intimate company of another man, and how as a nation you must surrender to any country that knocks on your state's door!
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  9. Rocco


    You are definitely an unhappy human being. You are definitely not a European, as we act with class. Now take your little eyeballs, and place then at the top of this page, and look at the poll. After 500 posts by mr. market, the majority says he is a liar.

    And you talk about vindication for mr. market? Are you retarded?
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  10. If you had any education and logic, as you pretend, you would know that an ad populum is a fallacious argument. Most people in given areas have believed all kinds of false things (from the earth being flat to the inferiority of all kinds of races, religions, genders and creeds). But of course the French only care about doing what is easy rather than what is morally imperative, which is why they folded when the nazis came a knocking, and why they want to avoid any of the tough work these days.

    But more to the point, Mr. Market was at least somewhat vindicated in HIS thread (not your many poisonous onces) where he documented his trades and they were analzyed by some bright (not like you) ET members.

    By the way, how many people who took the poll on this thread read all of Mr. Market's thread, and how many of votes were by your aliases (I know you didn't just pop out of nowhere a couple days ago). Regardless, the pathetic poll in this chit-chat area proves absolutely nothing, especially when you probably account for many votes and since the thread title encourages negative voters. In the end, ad populums are meaningless anyhow.

    Now when are you going to leave, like you said you would if negativity continues, and when are you going to stop being a poisonous angry person and a hypocrite?
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