Is mr. market a liar?

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  1. You know...just to prove it to you, I'd do it...but then some other knucklehead would say that I was just showing someone else's brokerage statements, etc etc...not worth my while. So suffice it to say that, as far as you personally are concerned, I don't care if you believe me or not.

    But then again its anyone's right not to believe me, and it's anyone's right to think I'm a liar. But it's not anyone's right to call me a liar.
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  2. What's the big issue? The broadest market indices are at all-time highs -- making a long string of profitable concurrent trades is not outlandish by any means. Especially when you trade the more smaller-cap names, and even more so if you plan on holding losers way past 15% on the downside :)
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  3. Sounds simple...guess what? It is.

    What's even funnier is that you can make a ton of money using this simple system.

    As far as holding losers, I only have 5 positions out of my last 55 trades that are in the red and only one of these 5 is down more than 10% or has been held longer than 5 months.
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  4. With that logic, you must have learned at the hand of taxi cab driver turned real estate mogul turned Wall Street guru turned convicted felon.

    What was his name????? Wade Cook maybe????
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  5. Actually it was under Jeremy Seigel, my finance professor when I was an MBA student at Wharton.
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  6. mmm


    I find it interesting how conclusions about Mr. Market can be drawn with so little information.

    I personally can't make any conclusions about Mr. Market's postings. It's not impossible for him to achieve the results that he has claimed. Unlikely from a statistical perspective, yes, but not impossible.

    I may be mistaken, but I haven't seen any postings from Mr. Market's postings that can be shown to be a "lie".

    There may have been some ommission of detail, but without knowing what those ommissions are, no conclusions can be drawn.

    For me, it's easier to give Mr. Market the benefit of the doubt and to keep an open mind, than it is to be skeptical and closed to new ideas.

    Keep on posting Mr. Market, and may many fine meats and cheeses find their way to you!

    -- M
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  7. Rocco


    when this poll gets a sufficient number of responses, it should settle at around 70% think he's a liar. That would prove that the first poll was accurate, as is this one.

    Over 500 posts by mr. market, and with continued attempts to sway the members, you have failed miserably. 70% of the community, after reading all your garbage, say your a liar, mr market.
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  9. Rocco


    Its true most females like animals and apes, and from looking at your back, you are definitely a close relative.
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  10. There are many different ways to lie & MM is layering a few of them. Either that or he really is too stupid to realize what he is doing - which is a real possibility. It is common for traders/investors to lie to themselves - perhaps MM has lied to himself so thoroughly that he has become oblivious ...

    Yes, one can lie by ommission - it can be effective with the right audience.

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