Is Motley fool subscription worth it?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by suhaibprofservices, Aug 21, 2020.

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    Just buy the ETF, TMFC, and save the $199.
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  3. Good idea but the daily handle is very small.
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  4. DaveV


    Unless you are buying/selling a very large amount of shares, the daily volume doesn't matter too much in an ETF. What matters is the bid/ask spread, and the premium/discount from the IIV (Intraday value). Right now the IIV is 31.9353, and the Bid/Ask is 31.90/31.97. So you would be paying an extra 0.03 cents to buy or sell.
  5. Wouldn't have to be all that large. 1% of the handle is only like $15k. I've always suggested to limit one's play to 0.5% of the handle, max. Even at that one would be 1/200 of the world market.

    A 0.1% spread cost isn't all that much for such a play. No complaints about TMFC's performance.

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    No real opinion,but they always have promos for at least 50 percent off

  7. I subbed and instantly regretted it. The content wasn't all that. My email account was totally useless for several days. They are worse than WSJ for swamping you with stuff and especially offers of a lifetime LOL. I have often read their syndicated column in the newspapers and they always seemed rational, logical, and the information useful. I figured a subscription would give me an even better SNR but nope. And like @taowave said, there are often specials so whatever you do don't pay full price.
  8. The Motley Fool seems to be for investors, not traders, and I don't know that it's even all that great for investors.