Is mike vick worth it?

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  1. 100 mil?

    he's only 6 foot tall!
  2. He probably will work out for the Eagles; he's not a bad QB. It's just a shame the kind of example the NFL showed the rest of the league and the world... meaning that you can be a convicted felon, go to prison, come out and be let back into a league that supposedly operates on the highest and most strictest moral standard, and get paid 100M again.

    Everybody knows that if a White guy did what Vick did, he'd still be rotting in jail.
  3. There must be a 2nd or 3rd string genuine veteran quarterback that would kill for the chance they could woe for a lot less??
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    NO, but then as far as I'm concerned none of them are worth it.
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    Bingo! At the same time it is what the market says. For those that don't like it quit buying frickin overpriced t shirts, phony uniform shorts etc. Cripes I was going to buy my kids uniform jerseys for X-Mas a couple of years ago, and they wanted anywhere from $60 to $120 each. Stick it up your ass NFL! I won't pay it.
    I am of course a hypocrite, as I watch as many games as I can each weekend. Love the stupid game. My youngest is hooked on soccer, mostly because his brothers play/played football, I'm still getting used to it. For now it costs more for his traveling team than football ever cost, but I'm not paying for watching crack head criminals playing at the pro level. He could care less about pro soccer, just loves playing.
    For those that think pro sports are different now, you are nuts. Babe Ruth was a drunk, Paul Hornug was a drunk and more, etc. It doesn't change, just the drugs or stupidity.
  6. +100,000,000, give or take.:D
  7. The short answer to that question is that MANY of these athletes, no matter the sport, put up career years (stats and performance) in contract years. Once they have that long term security, true to form, the performance levels off.

    With Mike Vick, he had EVERYTHING riding on the line last year to try and secure a long term contract (especially at his age in the Not For Long league). I really don't anticipate a 2011 that will equal 2010. Add another year, and another from 2012 and beyond and I think it will probably prove to be a bad deal.
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    Max E.

    I would tend to agree with you in alot of cases, (albert Haynesworth comes to mind) but this could also be a case of Michael Vick hooking up with a coach like Andy Reid, and Reid simply getting the most out of Vick. There are lots of players who play on teams that are well coached who far exceed their performance in previous, or future years. Look at how bad McNabb has looked since he left the eagles, and he actually looked like a top 5 QB some seasons under Andy Reid. Same goes for Matt Cassell under Belichick.

    Also the contract only has 40 million guaranteed which means that if he is a flop they can release him after 2012 season, and they wont owe him another dime. So while a 6 year contract seems insane, especially with a guy like vick who abuses his body from running all the time, i highly doubt Vick will ever play that contract out.
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    Or you can be a white guy like Ben Rothensturder and go out and rape some chick and not even miss a beat.
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    Hell no, but Aaron Rodgers sure as shit would be - Packers are getting the deal of a century.

    Look at the injuries, the consistency, and who has a ring !
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