Is Microsoft giving up on Vista?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Tums, Jan 8, 2009.

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    From what I've read about it it seems Windows 7 will be an evolutionary step from Vista, not an abandonment of its concepts. The focus will be on user interface and usability improvements. I think it has a greater chance of success than Vista based solely on my own casual comparison of the two (I do not use Vista currently).
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    I've been hearing a lot of good praise about this Windows Mojave.
  4. ha ha ha

    majove is repackaged vista for a marketing campaign

    vista is a classic example of H-1b mentality

    endless bells and whistles that people dont want, degraded performance of what people NEED

    HERE'S what they need in any new OS, or dont waste our time

    1) Instant start up - turns on just like anything else ever made, not a long delay with 'progress reports' - no reason they cant have part of the os in memory - no reason at all

    2) flawless performance - never ever crash or stall

    3) not a resource hog, requireing massive upgrade just to keep even

    4) secure - no explanation needed
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    very true.
    probably there is a portion of code that hasn't changed since w3.1, and never will. Those can move into the ROM for fast boot up.
  6. Sounds great, would you please send your resume to Microsoft!
  7. actually, i do have great experience * in software, but i'm a white citizen

    i think microsoft only wants indian h-1b

    and i wrote that list as fast as i could type, off the top of my head, in about a minute

    after a decade, these butt brains in MS management still cant figue it out - perhaps it's time for them to think back IN the box

    * part of what made me good, was a natural sense of priority, in a world of BS buzzwords

    a true, independently verified 'performance OS' would sell like wildfire, but these assholes have their heads in the clouds, so high up that they cant hear what their users keep telling them, over an over

    people dont want bigger bloatware, they want something that works

    and it couldnt be easier to do - these a-holes at ms know where the weak parts of the os are, re-write it with someone who knows how to write code

    if the new system had a *smaller* footprint, that would be a sign they 'get it'
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    Until when consumers could tolerate the abuse of Microsoft for having faulty software release after release? Sick of Microsoft but still can't find satisfy alternative. Fortunately, the OpenSolaris start slowly but surely...
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    Still using Windows 2000 and it does all I need very well. I have been trying different Linux distros, but have yet to find one I think is equal to or better than Windows. Every Linux file system manager I have tried falls well short of MS Windows file managers. I am beginning to think the free open source geeks will never get it right, but I keep hoping and looking. I for sure do not want to upgrade to a later version of Windows and have to put up with the MS control freaks.
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    can't wait for Google to release their OS...
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