Is Michelle Obama a Birther?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bugscoe, May 5, 2010.

  1. Is Michelle Obama a Birther?
    May 05, 2010

    The question has to be asked, now that a second YouTube video has surfaced in which Michelle Obama refers to her husband as a Kenyan.

    In a rather whiny harangue during a fundraiser in Tampa in December 2007, in which she discussed how hard it was for her and her husband to pay off student loans from "good schools," Michelle Obama said the following:

    "What it reminded me of was our trip to Africa, two years ago, and the level of excitement that we felt in that country - the hope that people saw just in the sheer presence of somebody like Barack Obama - a Kenyan, a black man, a man of great statesmanship who they believe could change the fate of the world."

    See it here:

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  2. Perhaps you have forgotten your own ethnic past, but many Americans are proud of their background and like to call themselves Irish, Italian, Jewish, Mexican, Chinese etc, Americans. Africa is not just one nation, and I am not surprise to hear Michelle Obama calling her husband a Kenyan, of Kenyan descent. The reason most African Americans can't be specific about their country of ancestry is because their culture and roots have been destroyed by the barbaric act of slavery.
  3. I was born in America. Thus, I'm an American. Period.