Is MetaTrader That Bad?

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  1. I keep hearing people say that it's programed to work against you!

    I have been demo trading for a year now, and have found MT to be very easy to use. So I am actually looking for a broker with MT.


    A lot of the problems that I have read online are about spikes and stophunting.

    Can you get around a lot of the MT problems buy placing market orders, and just remembering the SL & TP (not entering them in an order).
  2. I think this is what freaked a lot of people out about MT4.....


  3. Wow.....I thought it was just the occasional spike. That sucks!

    I see from one of your other posts in "Make a living trading FOREX" that you use Oanda...I'll have to check them out
  4. µ

    Oanda also has a dealer plug-in, difference is that it is not for rent 0)
  5. Up to this point, I haven't joined the "cabletrader is an Oanda shill" camp. But this thread, and especially that last line, sounds awfully like it was written by the same person...
  6. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

  7. Thanks Chuck, I'll look into that too! I have quite a few friends who use eSig, but for stocks.
  8. I think they're certainly worth a look, but like puretruth said it's quite likely most marketmakers (including Oanda) operate similar software applications.
  9. lol, is that all you've got to contribute? Hey how about this for a novel idea, try shooting the message instead of the messenger!

    Oh but I forgot, you're unable to have a reasoned and logical debate....try FF they're easily impressed over there, they probably won't even notice your deficiencies :D

  10. Hey now, I've been willing to give you the benefit of the doubt much more than others on here. There was just something about AFJ's response that seemed a bit off..

    But anyway, it's amazing outside, and I know better than to bother feeding trolls. :p
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